Zover Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 8/7 Review


Here is a review of an iPhone 7 or 8 wallet case by Zover: (http://amzn.to/2psh2cM). Yes both iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 will fit this case. It comes with 3 credit card slots for credit cards, business cards, driver license, etc) you also have a cash slot on the side and the case itself is genuine leather. You can still wireless charge your iP8 with this wall case on as well. This wallet case has a kick stand to stand your phone in the landscape/horizontal position too. Thank for watching!…

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24 Replies to “Zover Genuine Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 8/7 Review”

  1. I din't knew that there are separate wallet cases for iPhones. Awesome

  2. Cool phone case 👍

  3. Cool idea I never thought of that idea

  4. Questions are you working for iPhone now? That is all you do and drones.

  5. multifunctional case ! loved it 🙂 thxx for great review 🙂 and hi !

  6. Nice..& cool…i love it.

  7. ..

    What's about my drone 👅📥📥

  8. Good review.

  9. Every phone I have had I always buy These type of Cases Lol But hopefully I can get the one With case And it is removable of the actual Flip case If u know what I mean.

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