You’re Using Your Galaxy S9 Wrong!


5 Useful Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Tips & Tricks. Enjoy!
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Picked up a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus? These tips and tricks include how to turn off/disable Bixby, get the most out of your display, turn on Dolby Atmos audio, use bluetooth 5.0…

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38 Replies to “You’re Using Your Galaxy S9 Wrong!”

  1. This was phenomenal 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😎😎😎👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Who gives a fuck who need all this bullshit on a fucking phone

  3. Great tips. Keep up the good work!

  4. So many features,but  is my better choice..

  5. Samsung s9 big screen and camera problems check it out

  6. Rapid edit, good content, high production value, awesome video dude. You nailed this format.

  7. So, the best things about the S9 are disabled by default and the one thing that when used will make most of your videos look bad is ON by default!!?? That is amazing

  8. Are just leave Bixby on an ask her to do all this shit you just did in half the time ……thats why I love Bixby command…..see you learn something every day

  9. John the last time I saw you in one of their videos was for the infamous note 7. Has Samsung approached you with anything after that?

  10. Thumbnail reminds me of d animation of apple watch once u completed a task

  11. Why did u change the tittle o.o

  12. The shutter speed control has probably been my favorite feature of Samsung's pro mode along with the manual focus green indicator

  13. My favorite part was the tip at the end of the video where you changed a few settings in the camera to get that cool effect! I love that you can do that with a smartphone camera and NOT JUST with a DSLR style camera.

  14. Next time use helmet and especial dungarees. Be safe.

  15. “What’s wrong is you’re using a Samsung phone”


  16. U r the best I love u and Ur channel

  17. Thanks I have the S9 plus and this was very helpful.

  18. Have you changed the vedio title ???

  19. What song is in the background?

  20. Can you make a fitness Channel?

  21. will be usefull if i win and own the phone

  22. Samsung’s menus are absolutely disgusting, how confusing do they want it to be to just turn things off and on?!

  23. There's a quicker way to enable regular slow-motion on the s9.
    1. Go to the camera
    2. At the top where you see the modes (like auto and stuff)
    3. Hold that down
    4. Scroll down and look for the slow motion mode and enable it

  24. I never bothered disabling bixby. After a week of use I never accidentally press it anymore

  25. Finally someone who shots in 21:9! OP 5T appreciated! Love it

  26. I liked, but have no s9.

  27. The last tip was amazing

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