YOU NEED THIS iPhone 7 and Zhiyun Smooth-II Review


Thank “Blunty “for this video.
Review – Zhiyun Smooth-Ⅱ – A 3-axis Gimbal stabiliser for Smartphones.

“Zhiyun Smooth series gimbal for smartphone has been favored and high-praised among the users since released. We globally absorbed advice from thousands of fans, made sweeping improvement and released the flagship model of smartphone gimbal, Smooth-ll. Smooth-ll adds more considerate designs and focuses on user experiences. More up-to-date functions: special designed APP, Bluetooth…

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27 Replies to “YOU NEED THIS iPhone 7 and Zhiyun Smooth-II Review”

  1. hi, so i have this but I have rigged up a rode videomic pro but is there a better option for a shotgun mic?

  2. Where in Australia can you buy this? JBHiFi?

  3. Will it remain neutral with an external mic?

  4. Hey I just bought a Zhiyun Smooth 2. One of the permissions of the App
    that you download to take advantage of all the function requires
    managing your phone and making calls. Why is the last necessary? You
    can't activate the App until you agree to all permissions. I find this
    permission alarming and invasive.

  5. Hello. I see that Blunty is using an iPhone 7 plus with a thin case. In order to mount it and balance it, does it need any additional counterweights or the additional included is enough for iPhone 7 plus with a thin case without overloading the motors? I am very interested in this as I am thinking of buying a smooth 2 if there is no issue with iPhone 7 plus and a thin case.

  6. Can we review this on our channel!? It's an amazing product!

  7. Can you add a extention rod (selfie stick) to this gimbal?
    2 things that are swaying me slightly to the Dji is the motion time lapse and you can a a extension rod to it.

  8. prueba de cámara frontal es al revés seguro …. handheld is with zhiyun look arms position…

  9. By far the best review I have ever seen!! Thank you !!

  10. I guess i'll get one of these then as it's almost half the price of a DJI one! lol

  11. To work with iphone 7 Plus, did you use the counterweight included with the unit or do you have to purchase a different weight?

  12. thanks for this.
    can you control the zoom function on the iPhone from the stabilizer or do you have to touch the phone.

    i.e can it be driven by Bluetooth on the stabilizer

  13. Hi, wondering if this would work with a Moment lens system as well – or would balance be out? Thanks

  14. Are you looking into developing motion time lapse as the DJI Osmo? Is it something that can be done in a software upgrade?

    Great to see and hear from you that it doesn't have the warping problems as the Osmo has.

  15. I kind of like this. but the lack of motion time lapse which is found in osmo mobile is kind of holding me back…. also bigger grip in osmo looks better. also need bit more clarity about the battery life in comparison with the osmo

  16. how does the leveling of the shot perform? I have the feiyu g4 pro and sometimes it will give me a slightly tilted angle of a flat surface.

  17. I watched this only because the 'Master' Blunty was doing the review!!!!!

  18. Have you guys actually identified this works properly with the OIS stabilized iPhones? This seems to be an issue for ALL makers.

  19. I purchased the Zhiyun Smooth-II and love it. Do you know if you can use the USB AC adapter from your iPhone to charge the Smooth II, or is there an exclusive unit sold somewhere to charge it using AC?

  20. is there a problem with the new iphones OIS and the gimbal?
    i mean does is make a blubbing and shaking as the gimbal and the OIS "fighting" each other?

  21. It' s ok with a bumper on iphone 7 plus ?? Have you the reference exact please ? Thanks you very much

  22. Nice video. Have you used the remote control with it? I bought one and can't find instructions anywhere.

  23. can you show some footage with the iPhone 6s plus as I had the dji osmo mobile and that was terrible with the 6s plus so want to make sure this works fine before I buy one.

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