Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi A1: Battle of Equals!


If you have been looking for a stock Android on a budget , you
might have come across the #XiaomiMiA1. The phone was launched last year, and #Xiaomi had joined hands with Google to deliver stock Android experience on a budget. Now Xiaomi has launched the #RedmiNote5Pro, a budget powerhouse at roughly the same price. So which one should you buy? We’ll help you decide.

➥ Redmi Note 5 Pro Specs: https://goo.gl/nS3q1s
➥ Redmi Note 5 Pro Review: https://youtu.be/rivpKcnR4y8
➥ Xiaomi Mi…

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23 Replies to “Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi A1: Battle of Equals!”

  1. Xiaomi nei khud hi MI A1 ki maar li Redmi Note 5 pro launch kar ke. Redmi Note 5 pro is significantly better than MI A1

  2. redmi 5 pro camera its a joke. Xiaomi A1 with "telephoto" lens and google cam app its the way to go. As a photographer i recomend the A1.

  3. plz tell me which one is better in low light condition in video and capturing photos ??

  4. When will 6GB variant be available in india??

  5. Comparing with front camera redmi note 5 pro has an way better camera then Mi a1.

  6. Renumae avg phone than da nokia 7 plus nala iruku

  7. Best Back Portrait Camera Mi A1 vs redmi 5 pro???

  8. You can't call Mi A1 the winner in camera without an EIS! However still for photos it cud still be better..

  9. Thanks for the good comparison video.  I just got the MI A1 and I am very pleased with it. I got the unlocked global version from Amazon and the seemingly unremovable advertising is driving me crazy.  Any suggestions on how I can get rid of the annoying advertisements? Enjoying your channel.

  10. Best video ever bro super hit till now
    keep making new videos like this one.
    tilll now best video ever…

  11. Good information brother,salam dr subscriber indonesia

  12. This video helped a lot. I will keep my Mi A1 with me. Was going to buy redmi note 5 pro. but no will stay with my Mi A1. It Rock's 😎😎😎

  13. Nice Bro..
    GOOD JOB….
    GOOD information….

  14. ये मुझे चाहिए….… 😎😎😎

  15. Redmi Note 5 pro has good camera compared to Mi A1

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