Xiaomi MiTV 4A Unboxing & initial impressions ll in telugu ll by prasad ll


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47 Replies to “Xiaomi MiTV 4A Unboxing & initial impressions ll in telugu ll by prasad ll”

  1. Redmi 4A yela yedchindho…😪 Edi aalane thagaladathadi ….TV peladuga 💥.

  2. Anna mi EMI alga tesokovali bro tell you..

  3. Hahaa.. LG oled tv ad vachindi bro video mundu 😂

  4. Great mi. In very less price, u already achieved 1st place in mobiles, now in TVs also. All the best, sony is charging 30k for 32 inch wifi option, but mi is giving the same features for half of the price that is 15k awesome.

  5. Anna mi tv 4a review chasakaa …meru use chastaraa ledaa ……..ecchastaraa (I mean sell it )

  6. Bro mi ante bagane cheptaru
    Yemaina mani estara?

  7. Ee tv lo screen casting vinda leda


  9. Bro I am your follower
    Mi TV 43
    Vu TV 43 inches
    Please reply I was surffering
    And say about which TV
    Best under 40000

  10. Can I buy this TV and What about screen casting from Moto phones..Is it working ???

  11. Anna unbox all tv anna not only mi tv all TVs also like samsung sony all tv unbox are don't unbox all chin a brand mi is made in china

  12. Anna nen tv book chesanu tv vachindhi Kani warranty card raledhu Anna.

  13. Is available Google play store in it?
    Let me know differences of Wi-Fi s which u said in it?

  14. చాలా రోజులు తర్వాత ని ఛానల్ విజిట్ చేసాను అన్నయ్య…. అప్పుడు మీద ఇప్పుడు చాలా బాగున్నావ్…కొద్దిగా ఒళ్ళు చేశావ్…..👌👌👌👌👌

  15. Tv heat Aithundha bro because it’s plastic na

  16. Dish TV or AIRTEL SET OF BOX Avasaram Leda sir deeniki

  17. Anna monitor ga use cheyavacha e TV support chesthada ???

  18. Bluetooth facility vundha bro

  19. Hai sir how are you nenu yeppudu me videos chustanu meru chepte naku oka nammakam thankq sir

  20. Prasad anna, which is better among "mi 32 inch hd and Vu 32 inch k160m hd". considering picture quality..

  21. Hiiiiiiiiii sir online coming soon annaru mri ekkada dhorukuthundi

  22. prasad garu..plse cloudwalker 32 led inches review we want…

  23. ఈ టీవీ ని ఎప్పుడు అమ్ముతావ్ బ్రదర్.

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