Xiaomi Mi4S Gaming Review /w Benchmarks!


In this video let’s pit the new Xiaomi Mi 4S against some intensive games and see how the Adreno 418 GPU inside holds up. Let’s also see if it gets HOT!!!
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The Xiaomi Mi4S sports a 5″ Full HD IPS LCD display that gives it a pixel density of 441PPI.

The Mi 4S is powered by the Snapdragon 808 chip.

This variant has 64GB of internal storage and has support for memory expansion via Micro SD.

The Mi 4S features a 13MP rear camera…

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50 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi4S Gaming Review /w Benchmarks!”

  1. plz check your eyes…there is no lag anywhere during the gameplay

  2. Updates should correct the lags I think

  3. which one has better camera, note 3 or 4S?

  4. i really like kt how are you?# experience miscreant what do you think.0. !

  5. I have noticed this after the last update, 3D benchmark drops that's why antutu scores dropped. And the frame drops in gaming. I think they screwed up the last update. There were also delays on the camera specially when your moving while the camera is open. Hope they will fix this in the next update!

  6. i AM GOING TO BUY A SMARTPHONE BELOW 15k.can u help me.i need the following specs.
    1.5.5 inch display
    2.corning gorilla glass 3/4
    3.1080p resolution
    4.more than 401 ppi
    5.fingerprint scanner.
    6.camera with 13mp rear and 8 mp primary with ois
    7.stock android (5.1.1 lollipop or 6.0 marshmallow)
    8.snapdragon 810 chipset with 1.5 or more ghz clock speed coupled with adreno 420 or 430
    9.3gb ram and 32 gb internal(may or may not be expandable)
    10.more than 3000 mAH battery.
    11.if possible then type –c usb port for fast charging

  7. thumbs up for ur video but thumbs down for the mi4s…so sad to see the performance of it

  8. Ash, please do put the phone on Performance mode and test it. If you WERE using performance mode then show it from now on, because even my mi3 wont play Asphalt 8 on max if it is on balanced mode, I guess something has changed with MIUI now. Do give it a try and let us know.

  9. is lenovo vibe x3 facing any issues after the update??

  10. sir redmi note 3 or iPhone 5s, need camera quality and no lagging

  11. I had the iPod touch 5th gen and it ran all those games fine with the exception of nova 3 or whatever because I didn't try it

  12. +C4E tech
    Sir,I am a windows fanboy but I like android too.Infact my current phone is an android one-the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.I had a Windows phone too but I broke it.Now with the recent Windows 10 update making it's way to many windows phones,Microsoft has corrected many errors and has given a boost to the performance.I heard that this update made the phones very snappy.Would you please do an app loading test between a top-tier Windows phone(Say the Lumia 950 Xl) and a comparable android phone with almost the same internals. (say the Nexus 6p).
    I would really like to see this test happen.Please sir.

  13. hey ash is gearbest a good place to buy phones from? would you recommend them as a good place to buy?
    btw I'm from sri lanka

  14. Hey… your work is worth appreciation !!
    Can you also make a video on, How to Root Redmi Note 3 ?

  15. I wanna buy a phone which is better mi4c or redmi note 3

  16. According to the benchmarks the redmi note 3 scores more than the mi4s, does this mean the sd 650 is better than the 808?

  17. does anyone know if redmi note 2 support mhl

  18. Not a bad score assuming people who will buy it will most probably never look into these stats

  19. Not a fan of benchmarks but still 48k antutu score isn't a good score especially when it has got 3 GB RAM and snapdragon 808 SOC under the hood

  20. want to take a phone around 12k….redmi note 3 or moto g turbo edition??

  21. Ash is the Camera on Mi5 is better then S6/ S7 ? especially in video department because i'm gonna shoot my YouTube video (Tech) with it and it would be my daily driver

  22. bro were can i buy mi4c

  23. I think Xiaomi did something on the phone , SD808 are not like this

  24. make a comparison with redmi note 3

  25. HI

    to c4eteck

    I am having a problem that

    my samsung galaxy note 4
    3 times it got hung up

    1 time the screen locked🔒 I'd like to press the power button on the home button does not waking up and the second time the display was on but same problem I tried to click the power button and the home button it was not opening so I have to remove the battery and switch it on again and the third time today it happened when I woke up I tried to cross on Locked download of engine light was beeping and I try to click the power and home button same things that display was black does not opening up so I have to remove the battery and put it on again so please help me what should I do

  26. Ash, what is up with your voice?

  27. Nyc video!! not their best phone tough!! 👍

  28. For those who think snapdragon 650 is better than 808…i feel sorry for them

  29. as always nice video ash…good work..but but i am very sad coz didint expect this from Mi4s also saw the speed test comparison between s7 and mi5…shocked with its result….lets see if xiaomi can solve all these optimisation issues with their great phones in future…but xiaomi had almost 1 yr to launch their next flagship after good old mi4 then why these issues…?i know they also launched many other devices in that 1 yr but but….whatever be..

  30. As a Journalism student who's about to start working for a tech website, you have been an inspiration that Indian tech reviewers can compete neck and neck with the world. Keep up the good work. You're fantastic.

  31. How much import duty and other expenses you had to bear to import it from merry?

  32. clean your throat and then speek

  33. what d hell this product is ??
    mi 4s benchmarks – 47k
    redmi note 3- 75k
    mi talked a lot about 650 vs 808 in their redmi note 3 launch then why d hell xiaomi choosed 808 in their more priced device then redmi note 3
    and it's also latest then the redmi note 3
    for just bad performance ?????????
    and still in my opinion 808 is better but looks like in this phone performance is bad
    why would someone will buy this one over mi5 or remdi note 3
    because it comes between both
    what say @ash

  34. Cool Video!
    However, in the video you said that the maximum recorded temperature was 41 degrees but actually it is 44.2 degrees as seen at 3:24!

  35. Is the screen on the warmer side?

  36. I used this phone for 4 days.. So u think this phone is great cause it's a bit cheaper than believe me a lot of cheaper phones have better performance than this.
    1.It has crap of a camera. Outside it bearable. Inside it's just shit and let's not talk about Night -_-
    2. 80$ phones have better gaming performance than this. Plus it has no Google play installed. So even u install Google play manually all games are not ' Compatible with the device '
    3. It feels cheap
    Don't believe me? Then I can't do anything. Buy it and see for yourself. I honestly suggest you not to buy it

  37. My LG G4 play almost eveey game excellent…and it has quad hd display not a fullhd
    And in antutu i get 68-75.000 not 48.000!
    I think the xiaomi need more work to be done

  38. I have seen in other reviews mi 4s antutu score is 60-64 k. How your device score that poor score? is there any problem with your settings?

  39. hey ash how about a mi 5 camera video???

  40. in the title of the vid, to make with shorter with a slash the / has to be on the right side not the left, so instead of /w it should be w/. just saying…

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