Xiaomi Mi TV 4A From 13999 Rupees – 43 & 32 Inches


Today Xiaomi launched 2 new LED TVs, the Mi LED Smart TV 4A 43 inch as well as the Mi LED Smart TV 4A 32 inch and in this video we tell you guys all you need to know about them. Our latest giveaway – http://bit.ly/c4egiveaway

Buy Mi LED Smart TV 4: https://goo.gl/AfuAmg

The 32 inch Mi LED Smart TV 4A comes with a HD-ready 1366×768 LED screen while the 43 inch variant comes with a Full HD 1920×1080 screen.

The Mi LED Smart TV 4A comes with 1 GB RAM and a Quad Core Amlogic 64 BIt Processor…

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39 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi TV 4A From 13999 Rupees – 43 & 32 Inches”

  1. please get the product in hand and then make a review or whatever,just dont make silly videos like this just to get views,i have huge respect for you dont be that youtube channel making videos of every other topic for monetization

  2. motte abhi tak 55inch ka bhi full review nhi diya

  3. what is make of mi tv 4a panel????

  4. The VU tvs are not smart TVs. The flash sales once a week point makes a lot of sense.

  5. Please do a review on 32 inch TV comparing the display.

  6. If they had released a 32 inch variant with full hd display most people would have buy it.

  7. 32 inch Chinese variant has only 4gb internal storage

  8. It will be better if Xiaomi launch a full HD version of 32 inch. I don't want a large TV is my small house!

  9. I don't understand why you are never happy with the products of Xiaomi. You should appreciate the Xiaomi is trying hard to give customer good product at good price. I check out your all reviews but after every good saying you have 1 BUT and bad comments also these is particularly for Xiaomi products only. You cant compare Non-smart TV with Smart TV at all. But to criticize you need something. I like your reviews but what all I can say is appreciate something which is really good instead of finding negative points and forcefully imposing on you viewers.

  10. Hey what's you opinion about using one of these as a replacement for big format monitor ???

  11. Comparison b/w smart and non smart Tv's is the biggest fault of this video, y did you guys do that silly mistake???
    And not even a single reply to the comments about this matter, really???
    I thought you guys were better than others.
    Disappointed 😑😑😑😑

  12. We want in-depth review of both 32 and 43 inches

  13. C4ETECH Team please make a video of buying products in flash sale.

  14. Can you explain the Pricing between Phone and Smart Tv's. Because little bit confuse, in 15,000 a phone comes and Tv too!

  15. You failed to mention anything about panel quality when you said there were cheaper TVs , cheap tv looks like shit 4k doesn't improve that, I still use a 720p panasonic plasma 50 inch, BTW there are no real reviewers for TV in India, in a real sense, nothing like the youtube channel hdtvtest for us.Resolution is not as significant as contrast or colors or viewing angle, it is not that important beyond a point, and a lot of chroma resolution is lost in subsampling anyway which brings us to the image processor, which is also shit in cheaper tvs

  16. i could see a Headphone jack in these tvs but not in mitv 4 but you are too lazy to mention it.

  17. 32 inch model is a bust at HD ready, who the fu*k uses it in this era

  18. There was a coming soon thingy in the end of the launch video… …… Any idea what it is?

  19. So why do you make multiple videos on same product make only one video then explain everything in that….

  20. While reviewing Mi tv 4a, can you please add contents of gaming with ps4, please

  21. Hey Gays plz confirm 32 & 43 MI TV having Bluetooth connectivity or not??????

  22. I think u missed the fact that the Vu, TCL and other brand TVs in the same price segment are not Smart TVs

  23. If we want a normal 43 or 55 inch TV what would be the chep one (dth only)???!!

  24. No matter how much you reduce the price people will complain 😀
    For me it's quite good

  25. yes we want an unboxing on redmi 4a, what sorry the redmi tv 4a, no? sorry the mi tv 4a 😛

  26. My first comment on ur channel..
    Well i say make a review of 32 inch.
    As its much demanding product as per indian market.

  27. Why r u "specifically" making video on xiaomi tv's ? we have other brands too !

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