Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 first look


The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is the Chinese company’s second take at a full-screen smartphone. It has a 5.99-inch screen with a thin border above and to the sides, plus a ceramic back. A Special Edition of the phone comes with a full ceramic unibody, which looks great unless you drop it, a surprisingly easy thing to do. Xiaomi will sell the Mi Mix 2 in China and other countries soon, but it unfortunately won’t be coming to the US.

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34 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 first look”

  1. Thinking about it . ….My phone is going to soon to kick the bucket.

  2. Did you have two versions of the phone? Ceramic/aluminium and ceramic unibody? Which one cracked?

  3. SHAO MEE Look up the pronunciation first

  4. Don't bother for this phone they're all banned in USA

  5. do we really need big Ram capacity? iPhone never use big Ram capacity yet it runs every app smoothly.

  6. Admit it, you just drop tested a lender phone LOL!

  7. Come on… It's not even a drop test

  8. Ouch. That design sucks. Essential's ceramic and titanium phone is waaaay stronger.

  9. Wow. I like this. A lot more beautiful than the iPhone x.

  10. None of these 'hip' american tech sites pronounce xiaomi properly.

  11. Американцы так и говорят Щаоми как из неправильно научил Хьюго Бара. хотя правильно Сяоми

  12. I know this is off topic… but what kind of smart watch are you using? 🙂

  13. This phone is the OG of almost all screen phones

  14. well i still want the best camera, i guess samsung it is

  15. Then there is me with my Xiaomi Mi Max… I still think it is the best phablet they have made haha

  16. You should learn how to say Xiao Mi correctly… it's not that hard.

  17. Idk what happen there, the ceramic back on the essentials phone is way more durable than this phone (based on jerryrigeverything drop test video) or maybe the frame also affect the durability?

  18. So stupid people use phone without any cases. Why do stupid people still exist? Come on. Doesn't make any sense. Use case. Cover your beautiful phone. Plus don't forget to put on screen protector on your phone! ..or it will scratch. Duh

  19. Did someone off camera throw the phone up to and missed timed it in your lap? Scratching my head how the phone dropped.

  20. Camera performance is a failure

  21. The more Apple gets rid of something the more expensive their phones get hahaha next no more camera $1200???

  22. Would a case protect the phone from shattering like that? Or would it still shatter inside the case?

  23. damn this dude's voice, where did his puberty go

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