Xiaomi Mi A1 – 48 Hours Later // Headphone Lover’s Dream!


Let’s talk about my experience with the Xiaomi Mi A1 (Android One) phone after using it for two days. I was so excited for the Android One and camera experience, but the audio performance stole the show for me.

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02:13 – Design & Build
05:30 – Display
07:18 – Performance
08:36 – Software
10:02 – Cameras
12:43 – Audio
15:28 – Battery Life
16:07 – Connectivity
18:13 – Miscellaneous
18:38 – Conclusion &…

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10 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi A1 – 48 Hours Later // Headphone Lover’s Dream!”

  1. What do you think about the Mi A1? Do you have one? Let me know.

    Also, I was so excited about the audio performance I forgot to mention it does have some preset equalizer settings for different headphones in the Settings menu (Sound > Headphones & audio effects).

  2. Very Awesome Gesture what a Blessing 🙏✌️👍

  3. Great video Grant!…. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive… Ordered it like 3 weeks ago… Lol

  4. omg look so same all most lol great video man like and shared

  5. man this is amazing and indepth

  6. Hi!

    I hope you receive a lot more phones to review! Not only from viewers but from companies…

    Great review!

  7. Nice to hear MI A1 is so good on 3.5, I missed that information. Probably some good amp is on it… will look for more on that subject. But that ads, even more, value to already great budget phone. MI A1 is probably the best bang for your buck on the planet. Xiaomi officially came to Serbia this year and we are really glad they finally did. No issue with after support now. Perfect phone if you are on low budget, you're getting really a lot. Not perfect, but in that, and even higher price range, hardly any phone can beat it. Clean software instead of MIUI is a big plus!
    PS. You know what phone is pure joy on 3.5? Vivo Apex! And Gizmochina said it will actually be released…hopefully not only in China. 98 % screen, under display fps and 3 DACs for amazing audio on 3.5! Take that Apple:)

  8. Got one yesterday from Amazon about to sell it on eBay service wasn't that good but yeah it's a solid phone. What do you think older Flagship or newer mid-range?

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