Why I ditched the Samsung Galaxy Note 8!


A quick and straightforward video to describe and share my very personal reasons for deciding why the Note 8 is NOT the device for me after using it for 5 months. I have owned every single Note device created. This is probably my last one.

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2 Replies to “Why I ditched the Samsung Galaxy Note 8!”

  1. Thanks for this video. Short & to the point.
    Can't agree with your point at 0:52. You cannot arbitrarily determine when the latest Android version was released. That is not how Android works. It is not an in-house software;; it is licensed to 3rd parties. The "release date" for Pixel devices, which you seem to consider the release date for everyone else, is merely a release date for 3rd party development. Different OEM's do different things, hence the different release dates.
    1:05 Absolutely. Anyone under 50 would have a hard time making the case for the necessity of the stylus. That said, stock Android is really not optimized to take advantage of today's displays. Samsung does a good job, as do other OEM's, but the Note doesn't bring anything unique to the table in that regard.

  2. Short and sweet. Good points.

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