Vivo V9 Full Review : Now you can afford an iPhone X – @ Rs 22,990 ($350)


Vivo finally took the wraps off the much anticipated Vivo V9. The V9 boasts a nearly bezel-less design with a notch at the top. The V9 is probably one of the best Vivo devices when it comes to design, but is it worth spending the money?

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Created by: Ershad and Nitesh

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25 Replies to “Vivo V9 Full Review : Now you can afford an iPhone X – @ Rs 22,990 ($350)”

  1. Is it having led notification light?

  2. Hello can I update Mi note 5 pro to Vivo V9??? I m already using Mi note 5 pro , update for notch???

  3. Bhai Iski touch Kaisi hai v7+ ki to bekar hai uss se better hai kya

  4. This is what happen when other company such as vivo oppo and all of that shit run out of ideas…Like Pewdiepie said he ran out of idea :v

  5. I really enjoyed your video!! Keep it up!! So relaxed listening to it

  6. you remind me of rupesh from beebom

  7. So this is basically Android and iOS combined in one phone???? Perfect 🤣🤣🤣😭

  8. Please please please we need a vivio v9 vs v7plus selfie
    And vivo v9 vs iphone 7 selfie comparison Girl selfie enthusiasts need this

  9. Camera comparison between vivo v9 and redmi note 5 pro

  10. Fake iphone isko leke baseti nhi karwani

  11. copying at it best…not just hardware but the s/w is ios clone…same with oppo

  12. unsubbed just because of weirdo's fake accent

  13. 24 MP yet images look so dull and soft. even my s7 can take better selfie I know price difference but it seems a lazy attempt

  14. Iphone X clone

  15. No way in this price with this processor…..

  16. although i am happy with my nokia c2 . now thats perfect 🙂

  17. modern phone with a hefty tagline "ham nahi sudhrenge(23k REALLY !!)"

  18. Brilliant review! Very informative and unbiased. Thanks for sharing.

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