Very SOFT iPhone 8 Cases?! – Caseology iPhone 7/8 Cases – First Look



Skyfall –
Vault –
Apex –
Parallax –
Legion –



Another line-up of cases to show off for the iPhone 8, this time from Caseology, we’re taking a look at their Skyfall, Vault, Apex, Parallax, and Legion Series. All the cases are also compatible with the iPhone 7.


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37 Replies to “Very SOFT iPhone 8 Cases?! – Caseology iPhone 7/8 Cases – First Look”

  1. I just got an 8 yesterday, but my mom took it away and gave me her 5 SE. FML. 😭

  2. Where’s the Cosastline Caseology

  3. I want to see this video but for the X!!

  4. This is a weird question…but is there anyway to get a free case or get a free trial on one? I want to try the legion series but I’m not sure if I would like it. Thank you for the videos.

  5. Yeah i could never deal with the apple logo cut out being off center…

  6. IMO the aqua green apex case would've looked better on the black iphone and the burgundy parallax would've looked better on the gold.

  7. You don't address the problems of an iPhone 7 case used for an iPhone 8 : logo cutout not centered and is wireless charging working ?

  8. Can you do a review on the spigen nano liquid screen protector.

  9. Does anyone know where he got the nike wallpaper?

  10. Those cases look like they were made for the iPhone 7 because when you showed the iPhone 7 in the legion case it looked more aligned than the iPhone 8 did it was off centered

  11. You going to review X-Doria cases for the iPhone 8?

  12. That hole is wayyy too off center.

  13. This guy does great work.

  14. so I'm getting an iphone 7 plus in like a week. should i get one of these cases or the rhinosheild play proof case? If I dont have a screen protector which one is better. or if i do get a screen protector which one?

  15. so glad you had the Aqua Green one in this vid, I kept looking at it on amazon and the colors looked way too dark!
    I actually went through your entire Iphone7 case playlist wondering if you had done a caseology vid and here it is haha!

  16. I stay till the end for that funny meme

  17. I rest my

  18. Woah your beanie is trippy

  19. Nice!!

  20. Send me one 😉 I’m sure you have plenty 😂

  21. I have a caseology case for my Samsung S7 Edge and I love it!!!

  22. I have the apex case and it’s ok but better than the rest

  23. Skyfall for a starter case. I like being able to show off the design. That beanie is sick too btw. Might have to nab that.

  24. why is the hole not aligned with the apple logo on the back ???

  25. That cutout for the Apple logo looks too high… doesn't look right and would drive me crazy

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