TRICK: How to Quickly Refresh the App Store in iOS 8



Description: This handy little trick lets you quickly refresh the App Store in iOS 8 without force closing the app.

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27 Replies to “TRICK: How to Quickly Refresh the App Store in iOS 8”

  1. What happens when tapping 10 plus times. I haven't been able to get on the apps store for two days now. Everything else works on my Ipad 3. Is the store down?

  2. alot of force refresh updates videos but none show visual proof that it works after ten taps

  3. Is it really refreshing the tab you tap or just going to the feature tab? Because when I tap say updates 10 times its just goes to the features tab!

  4. Pls do more of these tricks videos.

  5. HA! iOS isn't that SUPER DUPER good anymore. iOS sucks, hehe

  6. how about when you have purchase an on a different apple ID and now your app needs to be up dated but it wont let you update it , it says " cant connect to itunes" 
    ik if i were to delete the app and re download it will ask for money. so how i do work around this?

  7. The iPhone 6 can bend. There are reports of some users

  8. Jeff, did you notice any lag on the 6+? Even the smallest one.

  9. why isn't there a refresh button?!

  10. tap is the answer XD

  11. I hope you buy jeans large enough to hold the 6+
    I think it is aesthetically ugly
    6 is the best
    Anyway, nice video 🙂

  12. simply pull the update page down few time and you will find the update get refresh and it's working with my at iPhone 5s IOS 7.1.2 😉

  13. Hope your phone bends in your pocket

  14. Bro your video is awesome i i love your all videos….

  15. How did you come up with this were u pissed or something? Hahah

  16. You just got me buying iphone 6 plus.. It looks very nice..

  17. NOTE: This doesn't work on iOS 7.1.2

    So stop asking 🙂

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