Sony Xperia XZ2 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Test Comparison


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Sony Xperia XZ2 Detailed Camera Comparison.
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Comparing the front-facing selfie cameras, the 4K/4K HDR dual rear facing cameras, auto-focus and audio of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Sony Xperia XZ2 for both video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors, slow motion and in low-light.

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21 Replies to “Sony Xperia XZ2 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Test Comparison”

  1. Note that the XZ2 has a 19mp sensor. It won't do as well in low light. You can be sure as hell though that once the sun comes out the performance will be unmatched. Oh and recommendation is to not use Auto, manual has the ability do almost everything automatically but without the processing of auto. You can wait 6 months to a year and we should see a new dual camera sith up to 52k iso. Sony has been working on a huge upgrade to their camera

  2. On samsung his beard was looking grayish lol

  3. XZ2 is much more nice to hold in hand. S9/S8 is disaster when it comes to use by one hand. For photo theres a A7 or A7s. For me XZ2 is really nice phone and I hope I will have money to buy it 🙂
    Both devices have pros and cons. S9+ have better details reproduction (but I wonder when I get XZ2 and make photos in manual 12mpx…) and S9 faster AF at back but XZ2 have better autofocus in selfie camera (S9 doeasnt have), slo-mo and EIS.

  4. I always trust on Sony I never trust on popular review on YouTube…

  5. Subscribed because of this video

  6. Samsung s9 not the gift of camera. This is samsung is over in slow motion specification of sony. You fuck samsung and you not the gift camera and bad 😄😄😄

  7. Please comparison S9 Plus vs P20 Pro 😉

  8. You can see the background of your head and that is in xz2 is best and in s9 plus I so we sony z or z1

  9. My opinion towards the S9 was actually fairly negative because i guessed it would be just another rehash of the previous phone but the camera quality is fantastic. The saturation on the S8 always seemed to high but i'm impressed by the colors of the S9 in this video.

  10. Super smart guy… Record HDR videos on both and make Sony looks worse… Why? Simple, Samsung S9+ does not record HDR10 HLG, while Sony is recording it on HDR10 HLG (real HDR bt2020), so when you try to put a real HDR video against a faked one, the real one becomes colorless because it's not using the correct gamut, LOL

  11. S9 plus has over saturated washed out colour. Mango people can't understand this. Sony always miles ahead of cheating brand Samsung

  12. Saf sir please make a video in hindi language please sir

  13. Sony Xperia is always not good in your review from the previous until nowadays, while others review can do better more positive in all aspect…

  14. Pure annihilation. Sony fanboys will finally shut up.

  15. god damn the compression artifact on the zperia is laughable. beyond horrible. I dont even like the galaxy s9 cause im an apple fan, but even I can say the s9 won by a fucking landslide lmao.

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