Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X!


The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and Apple iPhone X are here but which is better?
Building the Ultimate iPhone X:

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43 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X!”

  1. Pixel 2 XL because:
    1) No bixby
    2) No samsung bloatware
    3) No "galaxy launcher"
    4) Better camera thanks to Google's magic secret AI sauce
    5) Much much better design
    6) Better optimization
    7) fuck the locked down years-behind overpriced Apple ecosystem

    But if it's a strict S9 vs iPhone X question then i'd say iPhone X, granted you have the money to afford either…

  2. Fuck apple. Fuck all of it. Enough said.
    Actually fuck the new S9 also, its a copy/paste of the s8 with a camera and FP position switch.
    I'll just get a pixel, or a Razer Phone and call it a day.

  3. Only thing iPhone has better than Samsung is the optimization. That's really it…

  4. Having a fingerprint scanner makes Face ID worthless on the S9. It’s easier to bypass the fingerprint scanner than Face ID. Also the fingerprint on the S9 is faster than its Face ID which makes it worthless.

  5. Samsung should stop using android and create their own ecosystem it will never be as optimized as iphone without it

  6. Besides what other people mentioned another nitpick I had with this was that although Samsung duplicates a lot of stock Android app, they do some better. Most notably, Samsung's email and internet apps are better than Gmail and Chrome in most cases and are universally recommended over the latter.

  7. Well, its time to unsubscribe from Apple fanboy 🙂 Austin, you just went fully retarded on this video, at least try to be objective next time 😉

  8. Sorry austin your wring about battery on ipx i own it and man i go to bed with a dead phone idk if its because i turn up brightness all the way up with bluetooth cellular and wifi on

  9. "Samsung just hasn't been able to keep up"? Yeah…Samsung passed Apple a long time ago when they chose to use Android.

  10. will you stop over doing the end of every sentence? Its so fucking annoyiiiing

  11. So many hurt people in the comments… I wish you all the best and I hope you find lives instead of raging on YouTube about a phone.

  12. Samsung crush with price and quality.

  13. Look I went cheap and I got my LG G6 for 360$ new and unlocked, and that's in Canadian rubles. If your willing to settle, you can get great deals with some searching.

  14. Rants about google using iPhone x

    Uses google maps

  15. Everyone’s hating on “Apple fanboys”…. but i guess they won’t admit they’re also cringy “Android fanboys” themselves.

  16. Did not I see you in another video with all the tech guys saying you are completely in the Apple ecosystem? Dishonest review!! You should have mentioned that up front. Thumbs down Apple boy.

  17. If I were to choose between the s9 and pixel 2xl I would choose the Pixel 2XL. I’m currently using an iPhone X

  18. The Samsung browser is better than the stock browser

  19. The s9 is faster than the pixel and the X

  20. Erm, dude, how much coffee did you drink before filming this episode? 😀

  21. animoji > aremoji

  22. Apple and Samsung fanboys are getting fired up 🔥🔥 Watch it Austin 😂

  23. Hey Austin, why don't you compare the S9 with the iPhone that no one talks about? You know, the iPhone 8, the one in the same price range as the new S9. The one that looks exactly the same for 4 years. The one with a 750p screen resolution. Just saying…

  24. You can boost iphone x speaker volume by putting EQ acoustic mode in the Settings

  25. WTF is that "bezel fetish" really?

  26. u r the first one who is not biased with android other you tubers are just against apple

  27. "headphone jack dead feature" are you serious?? the most usefull port

  28. Take Steve jobs dick out your mouth Austin you homo!

  29. Samsung is the best of the best in cell phones and allways will be it’s better than I phones by far and it can do more. Apple is only every good on their iPads and MacBooks not in cell phones

  30. weeb evans

  31. The smarter decision is to get the Samsung, because it's less expensive and competes with a lot of the iPhone X's features.

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