Samsung Galaxy S9+ Unboxing!


Here is the new Galaxy S9 Plus from Samsung along with the new Wireless Charger! I’ll show off what comes in the box, along with some new cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Subscribe for more:

S9 RhinoShield Cases:
S9+ RhinoShield Cases:
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Galaxy S9 vs S9+:
Galaxy S9 Hands On:

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25 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9+ Unboxing!”

  1. i like your of the best unboxing

  2. I hate Samsung! I am an Apple fan. I hate Samsung, especially their emojis. I love my iPhone 8!!

  3. Who is Samsung lover like this comment.

  4. 👍👍👍👍👍WOW👌👌👌👌👌

  5. i was gonna subs BUT after you ripped the box open nah!!!

  6. Good Phone S9+ i have))))))

  7. How to get free mobile phone Galaxy S9 plus

  8. where did you buy that phone coz on others they had a different box and whats inside it is the phone no wireless charger i want like yours

  9. Sticking w/ Note 8..

  10. Haha you guessed it right.Great video

  11. My upgrade isn't due until August of 2019. My Samsung S8 is a beast of a phone, one I'll be keeping and using even with a new phone around. It's my very first android ever and I'll be hopefully upgrading to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Note.

  12. I got a note 3 rn and need a new phone, should I buy this?

  13. What kind of unboxing is this?!?

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