Samsung Galaxy S9+ unboxing


This is our Galaxy S9+ unboxing video, where we get to take a look inside the retail packaging of Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone.

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9+ unboxing”

  1. This long unboxing makes want to buy the s9 outright

  2. Does it really takes 4+ Minutes talking about the effen box

  3. Googles very Flaky (Anti-Free speech) builds a poor quality phone and overpriced! Samsung build a solid phone but bloatware. And apple is a sellout to china giving them encryption to iCloud ! No great phones …Lol

  4. The worst unboxing ever! You talk a lot!

  5. so we should be bothered abt the box design?

  6. Why do you reviewers review the cotton pickin box? 😱

  7. Snapdragon model dont have silicon case…exynos mostly have silicon case

  8. Everyone getting the S9 series and here I am with a Nokia 5 😐 cuz I'm cheap.

  9. Or just open your s8 box from last year..

  10. Hi, does it come with a clear case in the document box? I know that on some Asian markets it does.

  11. Speed up man. It's an unboxing not the presentation of your PHD thesis.

  12. I have a iPhone 8+ so yea I’m good lol I don’t need a s9😂

  13. Hope ad will review the best game moba e-sports on mobile, it's Vainglory game 5v5 👍👍❤️❤️

  14. How the hell did you get so many to subscribe?

    This review is by far one of the worst i've seen -_-

  15. You already opened it. Its not sealed and no protective sticker on phone

  16. Looks just like my S6 Edge Plus, very happy with it still.

  17. I just got the new LG X Power 2, and wtf? no earphones

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