Samsung Galaxy S9+ review! [Galaxy S9 Plus]


Andrew has our full review of the larger of Samsung’s two 2018 flagships: the Galaxy S9 Plus.

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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9+ review! [Galaxy S9 Plus]”

  1. Disappointed the s9 doesn't have the same camera set up as the +. Working a physical job and having a fragile ass expensive phone in your pocket all day is a nightmare and that's without the weak chassis of an edge display.

  2. Such a great article! I've watched lot's of videos about the S9 but this one is definitely the best. It put together what matters most! One new follower of this channel 😉

  3. Has a headphone jack so it's already better than apple, not to mention the total absence of notches.

  4. I dont get how everyone had an issue with the old fingerprint scanner. I've never once ran my finger over the camera… I DO Have a hard time reaching the volume keys and wish that and the bixby button switched players.

  5. Own an HTC u11+ myself and tried an S9+ in a store yesterday. Superb build quality. Excellent camera. Impressive stereo sound. I'll probably buy one soon.

  6. Umm the snapdragon is not far more powerful than any today. The A11 is still kicking it’s ass very bad

  7. it's awesome… using oreo wooow wat a consistency samsung has displayed

  8. Can you please have demo how to connect multiple speaker in s9?

  9. got mine yesterday…. thought the slow-mo at 720p bet no many people will use it it's just showcase, nice review

  10. Watching this on s9+

  11. 2 things I can't love with out. Pressure sensitive home button every review always tends to miss both on the s8 and s9. And the fact the drawer scrolls sideways, I've accedentally closed drawers on other phones ALL the time

  12. Next thing that makes me laugh is, IOS gets so many updaes that are just bug fixes after bug fixes and they are praised for that? I remember even in a laptop environment I used XP until Windows 7 arrived and I just switched to Windows 8.1, so I don't get the fascination of getting an update just for the sake and to make matters worse, a lot of the things being baked into android are already features of the galaxy line at the moment so what is the big deal really? hehehehe getting updates for the novelty is really stupid folks, unless they were bug fixes that took too long or security patches or updates, otherwise who can show me the difference between the Pixel 2 original OS and the update and what new feature it is that you really needed and is now a daily use feature? Stop being like iSheep because next you won't even realize your updates re just bug fixes upon bug fixes with fancy naming and no feature updates. Just ask Apple users what new features they have with the multiple updates they get……it's like zero.

  13. Having used several android phones I think Samsungs UI is a default go to complaint for people because, it really works well. Even the Pixel 2XL performance has not made me hate anything about Samsungs UI since the S6. It's like a default complaint for people talking about Samsung. It is no longer laggy, does not crash anymore, is not buggy, doesn't slow down the phone anymore, doesn't use up so much resources that apps force close regularly anymore so what is this about Samsung UI that people hate that I completely miss? Mind you I am not even using a Samsung right now but that Note series is the only phone that would take me above $400-500.

  14. These videos are fine and all but nobody is showing real time video footage they’re show the phone shit by a more professional camera to pull us into buying it. I’ve already upgraded I wanna see what the damn phone can actually do video wise. #Reeltalk.

  15. Hell I am going from S6 to S9+. I am a happy camper.

  16. I find it interesting in the review you said something to the effect that you may have to "spend an hour setting up this phone to your liking, but should you?"… sort of interesting that you would say that. That is what Android is all about, in my humble opinion. I can spend the hour setting it up to MY liking. Unlike the IPhone that comes ready out of the box for what THEY think you would like. Let me have a phone that takes a bit of time to customize, anyday.

  17. Is it worth to get s9 plus over the s9 regular

  18. Beautiful phone, poor battery

  19. Silly question: what brand backpack

  20. I wanted to love the pixel 2 XL. I was a Nexus user for years. But the loss of the headphone jack, and running out or storage where big points for me. Samsung gives me more features while other phone makers are taking them away. Maybe Google will realize the error of their way and #BringBackTheJack but untill then, hello Samsung s9+

  21. "if any other company did this there phones wld be cast into the shadows for lacking innovation" WTF happened to apple with there 6.7.8????? great job samsung best all round phone on the market it hits everything anyone cld need or want…

  22. 3-4h on screen time? this is not very good

  23. I have a galaxy j3 6 but upgrading to galaxy 9+ so this is a huge upgrade for me 😀😀😊

  24. Way better than the overpriced ishit

  25. I like the background music. Care to share​ the name of it?

  26. Just now ordered Samsung 9+

  27. Could they stop wasting resources on the emoji shit? They should focus on the software, and make it more user-friendly.

  28. Now im wondering whether burn ins would be apparent on S9+. My s7 edge had a couple of burn ins that shies me away from getting a new galaxy. 🤔

  29. FYI the US got screwed over with a Snapdragon processor when the Exynos processor in the phone world wide is much more of a high performer.

  30. Am I the only one that doesn’t have a problem with the fingerprint reader on the s8/8+, Note8 ?

  31. Watching from my s9+

  32. After having every iPhone from the IPhone 3 to the X..I’m waiting on my S9 plus to be delivered

  33. Great review, you're now one my my new favorite reviewers

  34. Thats right apple it has a headphone jack

  35. I can tell from the beginning this guy is not a fan of Samsung, it’s funny how he subliminally bashes the phone

  36. I've got the S9+ yesterday. Everything as it should be except HDR playback via the native video player like it was with the S8/S8+. Spoke to Sammy and they had no idea, they said they will get back to me. I reckon an update with enable it. But it should have been enabled out the box in my opinion.

  37. Iphone x all the wayyy boy. Samsung phone looks good for the first 3-5months after they went down to the crappy land. Shit resale, crappy software, not a great customer service!

  38. Where the best snapdragon or exynos ?

  39. Got my S9+ yesterday and already hate it. The picture it took looks powdery and over saturated. It is uncomfortable to hold as the metal frame protruding out from all sides and you feel like holding something sharp in your hands. I have the black one and it just doesn't look and feel as polished as previous Samsung mobiles I owned such as Note 2, 5 and S7 Edge. Very disappointed. It's the first time that I think I may return a mobile phone for a refund.

  40. The music explosion at 5:59😍😍😍very well made review

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