Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X – Sparkling Water FREEZE Test! What’s Gonna Happen?!


Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X sparkling water freeze test! Drop these in freeze temps to test durability. What will happen?

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Gear to make this video:
Sony A6500 Camera:
Sony 16-50mm Kit Lens:
Sennheiser AVX ME2 Lav Mic:

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32 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X – Sparkling Water FREEZE Test! What’s Gonna Happen?!”

  1. Damn this guy has enough money just ro do this meanwhile im stuck with a J3 Prime lmfao

  2. you need to chill with your "VERY NICE"

  3. You're one of my favorite YouTubers 😊😊

  4. I really like Your enthusiasm in your videos keep up the great work looking forward for more

  5. It’s an app called sonic download it it’s for getting out the water from the speaker 😆

  6. Nice nd awesome video bro 👌👌👌

  7. The kitten is curious and intelligent! Monitoring each step of the test. 🐱👏🏻👍🏻

  8. The best of HUAWEI vs best of Samsung

  9. Upload galaxy S9 plus vs HUAWEI mate 10 pro speed test video

  10. in every single freezing test samsung phones still onhahahah

  11. Very NICE. Good job. Sorry to see u had to lose the mic of ur iphone. This video shows IP67 is not enough to protect ur phone in extreme condition.
    Let u know what's the present condition of these two phone.

  12. Well nice video

  13. Well what do you think about the present generation of smartphones.
    Is it good to buy a flagship of this year or i should wait till next year to see something more better and complete.

  14. Redmi 5 plus vs s9 plus .. test water .. and nice video pro

  15. "Verry nihhhce" 😂😂😂

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