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Which has the best Camera? Samsung Galaxy S9 (S9+) vs iPhone X Review – I compare Photos, Selfies & Video to find out which smartphone has the best camera. Buy US: | UK:

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28 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Review | The Tech Chap”

  1. I like the iPhone X pictures more, cause I hade the colors on the Samsung mobile phones

  2. I mean, this is really sick…if you look where the smartphones camers had started back then with the first iphone…and now look at this camera qualitiy

  3. best camera comparison of these two phones i've seen

  4. You are clearly biased and already wanted the s9+ to win, the iPhone looked better in most of those side by side shots, unless you like a more cartoon kind of look on your selfie photo, I for certainly do not, I much rather have a camera that takes pictures of what things actually look like and not what some software thinks it should look like. That is what photoshop is for, after a quality and accurate shot is taken.

  5. In some cases I prefer the natural colours of the iPhone X, however in other cases I prefer the more vibrant S9+. Overall though the S9+ is definitely superior. Ordered one today, gonna be a great upgrade from my Samsung A5…

  6. For the camera, there is no reason so choose one phone over the other. The iPhone X has no time limits with 4K recording and the S9 has. But quality wise they are both premium at the same lvl.

  7. Without zoom, image stabilization is much better on S9 plus. Looking forward to seeing same comparison video with pixel 2.

  8. iPhone X is a lot more natural and brighter than the S9+. To me, S9+ has some kind of built-in filter so that the colors look more vibrant and blended, more Instagramy if you know what I mean. I would prefer the iPhone X camera a bit more since that what the real thing would look like.

  9. Better : natural colours!

  10. You should have a 3rd pic taken by an expwnsive camera so we can compair it to that. It will obviously be better but from the video we cannot tell what colors are more real. Darker yellow or lighter.

  11. See…iphone x has this look that makes it look better to me but at the same time it just looks brighter. So idk

  12. Galaxy S9+ is Winner

  13. What are we comparing here? From hardware point of view the cameras are almost the same, but what we see in photos is the result of the software processing. So we are comparing software!

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