Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review: Follow The Leader


Full review: | Buy the Galaxy S9+: | Join Josh for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus review where he explains why Samsung’s new enhancements put it heads and shoulders above any Galaxy device before it.

Correction: Dolby Atmos is only supported in wired audio, not in the speakers themselves.

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44 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review: Follow The Leader”

  1. I use the split screen more so I would prefer the S9+ over the S9. Also the bigger battery.

  2. Please ads demo regarding audio broadcast connecting s9 to 2 or more bluetooth speaker as snapdragon 845 claim.

  3. There's some erosion and the phone is just days new? Uh oh..that's not good for the durability of the phone..

    Btw, 2:34.. I love your lock screen live wallpaper.. So cute!

  4. The ai emoji looks like u hav lipsis

  5. quick question, is it sd card or micro sd, if the former, then its really something, lol

  6. @androidauthority will the Iris scanner work with contact lenses?

  7. Hugely overrated

  8. I still have the Samsung gear vr that came with my Samsung s7. Will my gear vr still work with the s9 and the s9 plus?

  9. Thatโ€™s why IP 68 there to wash the phone in case of fingerprint and smudge lol.

  10. The crime of the decade. Samsung making the best hardware but still make their phones somewhat undesirable with their software. It's such a bloody shame.

  11. Ok I have to ask what the hell is up with the hand thing in the biggining when you say your name?

  12. friend please tell me i have samsung galak s6 plain father to buy s9 + I'm interested in what kind of sound I mean listening to music is louder with 9+ or not?

  13. That AR emoji was actually pretty accurate

  14. The Asian shorty with the purple hair can get the raw. No pullout

  15. Most complete smartphone to date. Samsung Galaxy S9+ ๐Ÿ˜

  16. The camera tricks look unfinished. But I think the S9 is basically what I expected, a spec bump over the S8.

  17. Line general blow compete mother federal traffic European sick living invent.

  18. Most of the features are gimmicky, which you will occasionally use,still it's one the best where it matters ๐Ÿ“ท, display, processing power, headphone jack, stereo speakers except optimisation for a better battery life.

  19. 'another great review.
    Looking forward to the S9 review.
    My choice between this phones will depend on your review ๐Ÿ˜
    Keep it up. ๐Ÿ‘

  20. Was that AR emoji thing really needed? Even the iPhone X users curse it and find it unnecessary!

  21. Is it just me that can see the clown face in the whisky glass at 10:01

  22. My mom has the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge I ask her to buy an S8 she says No!!! How!

  23. Acquire pleasure expression magic study bad truck adolescent domestic witness bit quit forget.

  24. They're the best until they start lagging after 7-8 months of usage

  25. AR Emoji is trash. It's not even accurate and follow your face movement. But nice try samsung lol

  26. Should I get the the Samsung galaxy s9 over the iPhone 7plus?
    Hi I have a iPad Air and Iโ€™ve had the iPad and Iโ€™m used of iOS. I love the s9 and Iโ€™m very familiar with android and have used many android phones . Should I buy the s9 or iPhone 7 Plus?

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