Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Low Light Camera Test at MWC 2018


As you follow along below, check out full-resolution versions of the pictures here:

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34 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Low Light Camera Test at MWC 2018”

  1. I think samsung uses secret app to make the photos brighter.

  2. MY LG G6 still outperform all this 😎

  3. This is sad, she don't know what she is talking about, why don't you give her a better script she can read from? There is several this she say that is hilarious and wrong… anyone who knows just a bit about photography/cameras knows what im talking about.

  4. what camera did you use to make this video?……. i need a camera

  5. You are like monika, but in real life. '-'

  6. The camera performance is terrible but Samsung fanboys are the worst i have ever seen, i remember when they kept bragging and say that the note 7 is the best even when it was blasting in the people pockets or their houses and cars.

  7. The problem with samsung is that the camera take too much light and that makes too saturated colors during daylight

  8. dynamic range does not suffer from a wider aperture, thats bullshit

  9. Guys, just wait for pocketnow's real camera review, this test was really poor

  10. The exposure SUX. Brighter lens shouldn't make the scene brighter

  11. till now my lumia 1020 is still uneatable in camera low light performance much better just in my opinion

  12. Just so people aren't misinformed, there's no difference in dynamic range between the photos shot at f1.5 and f2.4. It seems like in auto mode, the phone is choosing the same settings regardless of which aperture the lens is set at, causing the f1.5 shots to be over exposed. Properly exposed there should be no difference in dynamic range, and the f1.5 should have either a faster shutter speed or a lower ISO setting.

    Pretty poor review.

  13. Imagine her in sky high heels and yoga tights? Omg 😮 So fine!!!

  14. I think i'll upgrade to this phone next year.

  15. She did not help the cause at all lol. I have to try it in person before I pass judgment, but all the videos I’ve seen have shown me nothing special from this camera.

  16. Can't wait to test out the camera! Just ordered 😀

  17. Exposure is super bad. I still feel Google Pixel 2 is camera phone.

  18. Fcking DxO benchmark test!they give 99 points to this shitty garbage camera!the HDR are very worst!over exposed!!google pixel 2 are still the best!!

  19. The difference between the 1.5 and 2.4 looks like just over exposed on the 1.5. I don’t think the metering sucks on the s9 right.

    Might also be good to compare this with and s8 and pixel 2 maybe. Just a suggestion.

  20. Not happy with your review, its one of the best camera in any smartphone now, review it when you will get final retail unit. These pics are misleading the beast

  21. Is it exynos or snapdragon? The image processors are different.

  22. pick point or dot and stick with it.

  23. Looked grainy with lots of noise to me..

  24. Beautiful lady with sexy s9+

  25. I'm gonna get s9 plus but I'm kinda dissapointed about these pictures at night💔

  26. Not bashing but all of these photos that were used we're frankly…garbage…

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