Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Review


Samsung completely reinvented its flagship smartphone last year with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, as it not only came up with the superb Infinity Display design, but also thoroughly reworked its user interface software to look and work better than ever. Understandably, this year the company is holding onto this strong foundation, and is looking to polish the experience even further, by introducing the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Review -…

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24 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Review”

  1. When an Apple fanboy reviews Samsung.
    In case of Android there is Fingerprint scanner which checks all the security. Face unlock is an additional way to unlock.
    Don't know why people always compare apple's faceid to Android's face unlock which is a secondary way to unlock the screen.

  2. Your bias has reached ridiculous levels. All throughout the review you kept finding lame excuses to name the iPhone and claim it was better, because reasons. And then you outright threw reality out of the window and said the stupidest possible thing: that the camera is “the same” as on the S8, which is not the case at all, the S9 delivering better image quality with less noise and superior low light performance.

  3. Iris scanning is more secure than Face ID. If my dad had an iPhone X i'd be able to unlock it as it works on family members. Iris cannot as everyone's iris is unique so it cannot be fooled. It took someone a very short time to fool face ID and someone a very long time to fool iris

  4. Доживях да видя българско ревю 😀

  5. What's the car game being played?

  6. Yes you mentioned the different display modes

  7. Don't see much a reason to upgrade from my S7? Maybe for the plus but don't want a phone that big and wanted the gray color am told u can't get gray in USA

  8. I expected conclusion like this. This is another year where companies have hard time creating new features. You can always polish the product overall, like in this case, but it rarely catches the masses.

    Very grounded review, which I liked. I'm quite sure the battery life will get slightly better, since Samsung always bombards patches in the first couple of months, but unfortunately, the phone will probably slow down soon too.

  9. Anybody with half a brain knows the S9 and S9plus are twice as better than the S8 and S8Plus from last year. S9Plus will be joining my Note8 and S8Plus at home base.

  10. Nice review I think they should have put a bigger battery in the phones hopefully they do it for the note not much tho we know why?

  11. Wait what! This and the iPhone have industry leading speakers?! You guys need to re-calibrate your audio testing devices!

  12. Phonearena reviews are the most boring in youtube 😴

  13. Macai Apple spotted. Bpe usd Apple byr utk declare iphone speaker setup tu industry leading? Molek cari keje lain doh,ginim..haha

  14. The mate 10 pro is not impressed

  15. Samsung are the best now they beat apple in cell phones I phones are no more am going back to Samsung

  16. Plz suggest me which colour is best lilac purple,coral blue or gray?

  17. You're so wrong with your conclusion that S9 is the same as S8 camera. S9 has way better dynamic range, better lowlight and a lot less noise. The changes are even bigger in video where the S9 is vastly superior to S8.

  18. PhoneAreana has finally proved their biasness. All through this review, he compared the s9 to the iPhone, as if the iPhone is the Only phone in existence

  19. and I just bought the pixel 2 xl for 900 smh

  20. Is live message in the s9?

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