Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test, Multitasking, Benchmark


Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test, Multitasking, Benchmark, Web Browsing (Chrome), Specs, and more!

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26 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7 Plus Speed Test, Multitasking, Benchmark”

  1. I don't like samsung I just choose to use it I have a iPhone 6 but knowing that I'm a gamer I decide to use this

  2. What a idiot in ign the ad switched first on the iphone and in imdb the blue bar fill first on the iphone u made stupid mistakes

  3. In Browser tests look at the loading bar and not at the page they're loading. And by the way, speedtests which needs internet are never reliable because the devices have to share the same network and it's a random thing to which device the router does send the information first

  4. Camera used to record the hide is pretty weak. Dropped lots of frames

  5. HAHA😂 this is to show galaxy slows down

  6. Didn't start yet. Plz don't be biased

  7. Use safari on the iPhone and Samsung Internet on the Samsung pls…

  8. Thank you for pointing out the iphone thing with the ram. No one ever mentions this in other speed tests and it makes the iPhone look faster than it really it

  9. I sis a speed test w iPhone 7plus and s7edge a few weeks ago and out of 20 large apps s7edge took 11 and iPhone took 9 so its not a surprise the S8 wins this comparison. Damn all Apple had left was its speed so what will Apple fans say now??

  10. The exynos s8 is slow asf loading games up compared to the snapdragon 835. Couldn't even beat the iPhone 6S when loading games on xeetechare's speed test LOL.

  11. In what the language is he talking about ?

  12. So, something is sketchy here, are you using the 32 Gigabyte version or the 120gb Gigabyte version because the 32 Gigabyte version has lower read write memory compare to the higher 128gb and 256gb… comparatively the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a head over the iPhone 7+

  13. I expected to see exactly what I did see for this comparison…Some for S8, others for iOS, although I thought game loading would go more to iPhone as it usually has in the past…

  14. Hey dude, in that web browsing part you used chrome. iPhone won, because your only seeing the webpage load your not seeing the loading blue line that is right below the search bar. The iPhone finished loading that in all the webpages. That's the wrong way of judging.

  15. For browser test, it would be better to use iphone's safari against samsung's internet browser as those are optimized for the respective phones.

  16. It seems you still havent updated the iPhone to iOS 10.3.1, i can tell by the animation. Do that, because it improves read speeds.

  17. Iphone shows a pic on multitasking when open game but s8 shows black screen in my opinion the 7plus handle its better

  18. You were about to say the iPhone has never been beaten at Temple Run 2, right that shocked me as well.


  19. Does this mean that the Xperia XZs will beat the iPhone as well?

  20. Galaxy S8 is the fastest booting phone… when not on a carrier with no splash screen lol.

  21. That the iPhone is very slow this time?

  22. Why not just replace the ESPN app with something else that actually works? Maybe a better sports news app like Bleacher Report?

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