Samsung Galaxy S8 plus: Ultra Power Saving mode is Important


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Samsung S8 Plus Power saving mode
Samsung S8 U power saving mode

If power saving mode isn’t strong enough, there’s only one place you can turn: MAX POWER SAVING MODE.

Ultra power saving mode goes even further to limit your phone’s performance and eke the absolute maximum of battery life out of your phone. The display is dimmed and returned to 720p resolution, a dark theme is applied, your…

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8 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 plus: Ultra Power Saving mode is Important”

  1. Sorry but this is utter nonsense. There is no UPSM on the S8 or Note 8. It is called Maximum Power Saving Mode and is vastly different from the good old UPSM.

  2. Ultrah powah savinh moh its atually lass litill longa …………chhing chang ching chu chu ching ching chu

  3. thanks! helpful

  4. Frank ZlotkowskiSo has anyone figured out how to add available apps to the ultra power saver mode? Thanks! BTW. On preferably uprooted phone. Pardon the duplicate post. The other is wrong account.

  5. Bullshit explanation :-/
    We all know this already!

  6. U didn't explain shit. how do u turn It on?

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