Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Note 5 – Review & Camera Test (4K)


S7 Edge / S7 vs Note 5. A full comparison and camera test between Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 including photo samples, video test, display, battery, hardware, software and more!

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20 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Note 5 – Review & Camera Test (4K)”

  1. u forgot note 5 video

  2. The battery life is better in the note 5 since your getting 3,020mAh which is not much of a big difference from the S7 where your now getting 3,000mAh other than that everything else lines up as far as specs go. If you are looking to just upgrade to a newer phone I would choose the S7 other than that there is no real big difference besides size.

  3. This is impossible this is not the note 5 quality you can change the quality in the setting you change the note 5 camera quality to the wrost quality I know what I am talking about I have note 5 and my dad have s7 edge note 5 is better 😡😐

  4. U treat your phones like shit

  5. This review was biased. Whenever you took pics with the S7 they were focused but when you used the Note 5 you didn't wait for it to stabilize and focus.

  6. whats about the pink line s7 edge

  7. pls tell me … which is the best phone… note 5 vs s7 edge…

  8. he says s6edge at the beginning? what the heck

  9. is this guy an idiot? what the fuck is TINNER? Speak fuckin english u yank cunt

  10. it's high key annoying to see how he be dragging the phone like that. without no case or screen protector. these phones are very durable but bruh how can u say be careful with the phone and still be dragging it like it's luggage.

  11. Can you provide a link for the wallpaper (S7 Edge)

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