Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, iPhone X killer, concept (2018)


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Trailer video with price and specification, here know more

Samsung is one of biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world and every year with innovative features a new Galaxy Note device is reveale. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 proof that Samsung is still leader of flagship smartphone market. There is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 8 has been a great success for Samsung, we are inspired by this great…

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29 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, iPhone X killer, concept (2018)”

  1. why would someone do a concept now when the Note9 is finished development and it now in products production and setting up marketing release this year.

  2. Will it have headphone jack or no (biggest problem referrer em in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  3. I just got the S9 plus! Looks good

  4. Just a Concept people or a dream at this point until they fix the Fingerprint sensor issues they are having and this is definitely not made my Samsung!! Probalby whoever uploaded this video but still nice none the less .. 🙂

  5. Anyone else thinks than Samsung should find a better place to put the camera?? Something smaller may look a bit more elegant.

  6. There is no front camera…???

  7. Name of the background music …?
    really good

  8. if Samsung makes anything like this I'm definitely swapping in my S8 for a Note 9 then!

  9. Nice concept, the camera should be flush wit the back.

  10. Only if this was real!! I mean the technology is out. I just don’t understand why they just can’t give us what we want. Freak…!!!!

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