Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS Samsung Galaxy S9+


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46 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 VS Samsung Galaxy S9+”

  1. Great video! Nice how you compare both phones. I’m thinking of getting Note 8, but should I wait for Note 9?πŸ€”

  2. Note 8 is a BEAST!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  3. It really comes down to, do you want a pen or better rear cameras? With these 2 phones. Both are great, premium quality, big dog devices. Getting one over another isn't really much of a trade off.

  4. Duel speakers on the S9+…

  5. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should save up for a Note 8 (the unlocked SD variant) or just wait for the Note 9… Stereo speakers are something HARD to give up once you've had them in multiple phones (my current phone is the Moto X Pure Edition and after some tweaks to the mixer_paths.xml file, it's a very tolerable listening experience). However I am in need of a new phone (short of flashing a LOS based ROM, this phone will never see anything beyond Nougat 7.0) and the Note 8 is HIIIIIIIIIGH on my list (I've had a Note before and that S-Pen is TRULY a game changer).

    Any advise/words of wisdom would be greatly welcomed. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. I got to switch from this s9 to the note line. Never had a note

  7. I like the theme you are using. Can you please share

  8. One day I might sneak the Galaxy note 8 sometime when I sell my LG Stylo 2

  9. The Razer Phone obliterates every competitor.

  10. Note 8 owner and definetly not changing, will wait for note 10.

  11. You can get a S8 from Cricket for $350

  12. Like most have said Note 8 is a beast ..til note 9 comes out.I hear s9 battery sucks note 9 battery is amazing!!

  13. I buy and sell phones all the time and the Note 8 is the only device I have not sold yet. It's staying with me for a while it has the complete package.

  14. I think Samsung should go back to basics with the note, I adore my note 8, but 10-12 hrs is not good when my note edge gave me 2-2 1/2 days and over a day heavy use, they need to make the phone a little wider so they can put a bigger battery in. I like where the finger scanner is, I don't have to hold the phone awkward.

  15. Boy there's almost no point on buying a note or a S model phone because people don't use the s pen no more technically is so close to the last update not leaps and bounds ahead

  16. J Will love all your vids as they educate. As far as the new S9 I couldn't get it as I had the S8 Plus I figured it was too close and they basically were too similar to pay that kind of money. I decide to change things up and go out and buy that pixel 2 XL which I really love because it has no bloat and the camera is dope. I've always bought Samsung in the past however it seems like their phones are coming out fairly quickly and since I'm not a reviewer I can't spend cash on something that I just had. Again I love your videos! Bravo Zulu!

  17. Note 8 is gonna still be a beast in 2 yrs, just a great phone

  18. Did you record this video in stereo? Sounds very different on the s9 plus in a good way. Sounds more immersive

  19. what glass screen protector are you using on the s9+?

  20. Great video J! What screen protectors are you sporting on your devices? And are they good for gaming?

  21. The speakers make such a big difference on the S9+. And a feature hardly ever talked about with the new s9/+ is the audio output is also increased. If you listen to music or movies via headphones or Bluetooth speaker, the sound has way more punch. After my own comparisons, it's probably a 25% increase in power to whatever speaker youre using.(with Dolby Atmos turned on)

  22. Share that wallpaper on homescreen please!

  23. @J. Williams .. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ»πŸ» .. keep up the great work .. Galaxy Note 8 for the win 😁😁

  24. I agree with the man j will the note 8 to me is more value for money, I find the s pen to make it a complete overall package , simple things such as that smart select feature , translate feature makes it a true , true winner in my books , I think it hold out for that note 9 instead I won't lie for the people that don't use the s pen if they started and discovered the world of features that the note brings because if that s pen tjey would start using the pen right through

  25. I have one question where did you get that theme

  26. How is the sound for media with only a single bottom firing speaker? Have the U11 now and thinking of getting a used note 8 to play around with.

  27. Yeah Ian on the fence here…love my Note 8…but battery life is not great …speakers are weak…I do use the S pen but very rarely…soo confused….I love the s9 plus speakers….bigger battery…as Iam in India we get exynos version….if I trade in my Note 8 I have to pay around 200$ …then Iam sure by sep I will upgrade to Note 9….note 8 I charge twice a day….with single charge I barely get 4hrs sot…

  28. Phones are almost maxed out now.. minor improvements are not worth 1000 bucks anymore

  29. Any idea what happened to the 4k60fps update for the note 8 that was said to be coming when the phone first launched in response to the iPhones having it out the box ? Sept 14th it was posted up on Samsung's website that it would roll out then it just went away

  30. J, thanks so much for telling like it is between these two. I've seen so many reviews act like all of sudden since the s9 came the note has just suffered in performance or something(making it seem as if the s9 just destroys the note in performance) . Only thing I want from the s9 is the camera low light performance that's it. Keep up the good work J!

  31. Hi ! Not sure if anyone else asked you, but what tempered glass you have on note 8 ? Thanks !

  32. Still rocking my Note 8 but waiting for the Note 9. Great video as always, J. Will.

  33. Which screen protector are you using on S9+?

  34. I can see no reason to go from the note to the S9+ , simply because if you want a Note then the only substitute is a Note. As for battery I'm 21 hrs in with 3hrs left and 6hrs SOT with my S9+ Exynos. That's playing mobile games and YouTube streaming. To be fair I think the increase in performance cancels out the increase in efficiency . Coming from the S8 I'm happy with my battery and expect it to get better after a few more cycles.

  35. I love my note 8! It's all about the s-pen for me! Great video man! Keep up the great work!

  36. Easy call, want the pen, get the Note8, don't want the pen, get the S9 Plus.

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