Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Benchmark


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PhoneArena presents a benchmark video with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0! We are running Quadrant benchmark test on the newly-announced Note 8.0 to check out the device’s performance. Hint: It’s blazing-fast!

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33 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Benchmark”

  1. Dude some of us care about the fps on that benchmark but u kept moving it around and non of us give a damn about how it looks cuz we know HOW IT LOOKS. you're like a chimp with add.

  2. Dude the nexus 7 is a piece of junk. I barely had mine a month before it would just not turn on one day for absolutely no reason or cause.

  3. i get 7900 on my note 2. 🙂 my revoultion rom, note2core kernel

  4. Samsung love plastic !!! 凸

  5. seems a lot better. the s4 pro usually gets 7000. this basically has the same cpu as the note ii from what i've seen

  6. RunescapePKing do you know how to read?

  7. @themrjones I like them, my biggest issue with the design of my nexus 7 is that it's too hard to wake it when it's lying back down without a physical home-button.

  8. why don't they just make tablets twice as fast with a huge battery and some good heatsinks.

  9. hardware buttons, the one on my S3 sound like it's going to give up any day. I will never buy a Sammy with it again.

  10. umm, there is a thing, its called a backpack. Ever heard of it?

  11. it seems like a crap tablet with just 6995 on quadrant benchmark….while the htc one score was around 12k and not to forget this one is a tablet…:(

  12. it's not a phone, right?

  13. Similar marks to the note 2. I think I will pass on this one it's too much like the note 2 which I already have.

  14. They all look the same now… So boring :

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