Samsung Galaxy A8 – Gaming & Benchmark Review – DOES IT LAG?


Full GTA San Andreas, FIFA 15 and Asphalt 8 gaming review of Samsung Galaxy A8 and AnTuTu Benchmark test to check out overall performace of this Exynos octacore variant. Click Here To SUBSCRIBE! –

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23 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy A8 – Gaming & Benchmark Review – DOES IT LAG?”

  1. In antutu benchmark my device got 56k max.

  2. hey there my galaxy a8 exynos version has got maximum 55829 antutu score.1181 basemark os 2 score. it is higher than the s5 and pretty close to note u samsung

  3. is this a8000 model?

  4. so iam buying a new phone
    a8 or 15 2016 ?

  5. XEETECHCARE what is the price of A8 in Pakistan 2016

  6. my a8 with only 2gb free has scored 54 000 on antutu -_-

  7. please one vidéo antutu benchmark 6.0.1 galaxy a8

  8. hey buddy can you tell whether a8 speaker is loud and clear
    also the headphone quality is average good or excellent

  9. is this better than the note 4?

  10. where can i download this game for free

  11. Please create a Bend and Drop test on this phone. I've been following your reviews on devices but I haven't seen those tests for this one… Thank you 😀

  12. hello is the performance same with the quadcore version?? was not aware that it got an octacore version..

  13. Why is the speaker volume too much low in full volume settings?? Ny prob over there?? mmm/

  14. does it get uncomfortably warm on such games and video streaming?

  15. is it the Qualcomm snapdragon 615?

  16. it's exynos 5430 (galaxy Alpha) not exynos 5422 (galaxy S5)

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