Samsung Dex Station Review


On this video you will find straight forward review of the Samsung Dex Station. The Dex Station will give you a similar desktop experience. I am currently using it withe Samsung galaxy s8 plus and it works great.

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16 Replies to “Samsung Dex Station Review”

  1. wow that looks pretty coool! Great video man šŸ™‚

  2. Great review Mario! The DeX station looks like a really cool device. Iā€™m surprised at how many tabs you can have open.

  3. Ooo this looks awesome! Do you think you'd be able to record the various apps on your phone with this device? Seems like it would be possible. ^^ You always find such neat stuff!

  4. Always thought this was an underrated accessory to the Galaxy series. Its such a fantastic idea! Its a shame that Apple may do their own version of this in the future and then it'll suddenly blow up because of the sheeps :/ great video!

  5. wow this is pretty awesome. didnt even know this existed.

  6. That's a very cool device Mario! I forgot you can use it like a desktop. Will that connection work well with a case on or will it get in the way?

  7. Interesting. Guess it will come down to future compatibility and performance if this device will succeed.

    Nice job and congrats on hitting 500 subs.

  8. Thanks for this video bro! I've been considering picking this up!

  9. Bigger screen is always nice. Great feature to boost productivity. Amazing video man!

  10. Dear Mayito, upping the ante bit by bit. LIke the panning at the beginnings. Chrystal clear words as you saiy… straight forward. You hold what you promise! Big Like!! šŸ™‚

  11. Awesome video man, DeX is pretty useful for business grade people hahah

  12. Seeing one of these for the first time. As always…your reviews are superb. Very detailed and real.

  13. Wow! Amazing review bro! That Dex station is pretty good!

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