Redmi Note 3 Camera Review & Compared To LeTV Le 1S Camera!


Redmi Note 3 Camera Review & Compared To LeTV Le 1S Camera!

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32 Replies to “Redmi Note 3 Camera Review & Compared To LeTV Le 1S Camera!”

  1. i want to buy a phone 1000 to 12000 so tell me which 1 is the best . i also chosen some phone that is redmi note 3 , 3gb or 32 gb storage .and lenovo vibe k5 note , redmi 3s prime or leEco le 1s leEco
    i also want a best camera quality and best processor ,and battery life , full hd display . but i dont want any lollipop version
    i like redmi 3s prime bcos i dont have much money , but i can manaje about 12k
    soplease tell me which one is the best

  2. Can we click selfie pics with fingerprint scanner on redmi note 3 ?

  3. pathetic picture
    of LA 1s

    front is soo soo bad in indoor capture

  4. is there any heating issue on redmi or letv….?

  5. i bought a Le1. camera is very poor….

  6. Redmi note 3 has 4k video recording with third-party applicatio
    note 3 has good one in budget

  7. So do you recommend the Redmi Note 3 for its camera?

  8. +AAT saurav bro can you buy a redmi note 3 32 GB gold and send it to me because it is not available in my area. I'll pay you through COD. my pincode is 834009. please reply soon

  9. I just bought this phone and no one talks about the crappy flash and front camera. Even my old moto g 1st gen beats it.

  10. awesome review bro subscribed….what is redmi n3 charging time

  11. which colour is best redmi note 3?

  12. AllAboutTechnologies Compare this with K4 Note please…. 🙂

  13. Good comparison, thank you. Le1s, i had from first sale. Pathetic selfie cam i would say.. but after upgrade improved drastically.. Now consider after upgrade how would redmi note 3 will perform ..

  14. bro what bt clicking pics from fingerscanner..?

  15. use Google cam on redmi note 3 for 4K

  16. very good comparison bro…loved it …keep the good work!!!!!!

  17. Redmi note 3 32&3 Gb wala black me aayga kya

  18. can you compare with oneplus one plz… @#$%&

  19. Compare them with K4 Note as well. same price bracket

  20. wow! really loud audio! gr8 job @aat

  21. bro we want more cool but unboxing and tutorials , we don't want giveaways 🙂

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