Portraits – iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs Galaxy S9+


Let’s compare ‘Portrait’ and ‘Live Focus’ modes, bokeh-like effects, and overall photo quality.

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40 Replies to “Portraits – iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs Galaxy S9+”

  1. Pixel 2 defence force in the house. Jeez people. It's a phone, not a baby. Don't be so precious over these things. The Pixel 2's bokeh effect is very impressive for a single lens but it can have a tendency to fuck up as shown in this video. The pixel 3 will likely have a second lens just so it can map depth properly.

  2. Wtf my pixel 1st generation do portrait shots better than your pixel 2. ðŸĪŠðŸ˜ģ

  3. May be u have defective pixel 2xl Beacuse i haven't notice that in my pixel 2xl

  4. I have the pixel 2xl and I get stunning portrait shots

  5. I take portrait shots with Google Camera on my Galaxy S8 and it works perfectly and detects edges very well, I don't know what is wrong with the Pixel itself.😂😂😂

  6. When all Pixel owners here claim otherwise, their Pixel working just fine, something definitely wrong with the Pixel in this video..owners should know better

  7. stop arguing about its bad Pixel phone, it just about light conditions, surroundings colors and contrast etc. one time is better iPX next time P2XL, next time S9+, every phone is calibrated differently… and when somebody try it too, he will get different results… i saw almost every VS test… and sometimes is better Pixel2XL maybe more than iPX but sometimes at some conditions is better for iPX… and P2XL have trouble to digitaly process bokah effect from some distance and scene… its known fact… same as 2 fixed aperture sizes on S9 are worthless if u dont match proper lightning conditions for both of them, it because its not variable aperture size but 2 fixed one…

  8. Definitely room for improvement on the Pixel 2 XL. Still rocking it though. We'll see later this year like you said. Feel better Jerome!

  9. LOL snowflakes defending their shitty joke (pixel). good video, but might need to disable comments because cancer

  10. Google 2016 : headphone jack satisfyingly not new
    Google 2017 : and listen to your favorite music with the included adapter
    Also Google 2017 : two cameras no need

  11. I've got the S9+ it is a truly stellar camera, however faces do tend to be softened too much and are sometimes too bright. Nothing that can't be fixed with a software update I would think though. So Samsung, if you're reading this…

  12. iPhone X looked the best in almost every picture, with the S9 coming in second. The Pixel looked horrible!

  13. people dont really get it.. too make it more brighter and less noise, used the bigger aperture 1.5 ..to avoid over exposure ,use 2.4 aperture.. damn.. due to small sensor and hardware limitation samsung giv you a good solution but only few understand full manual control.. save it as raw, edit it, get a result according to your preferences..

  14. Funny, I also own all three of these devices and used your examples as a guide to take my own pictures. I have no idea what is wrong with your Pixel.

  15. I just got my Pixel 2 XL. I noticed that on OG Pixel XL with the mod camera app protriat mode on people was a little better. I feel the latest 5.2 update messed up something. Fix it Google!

  16. technically phone camera is way too far to be usable for me.. not even close to point and shoot camera due to its tiny sensor..limitations are very visible..

  17. Common theme with Samsung phones, overexposure. I find I get the best pictures dialing the exposure back 1 or 2 ticks unless in low light.

  18. Since the Pixel relies on an algorithm, hopefully Google improves it with updates. If they don't, a lot of people are going to feel cheated out of their money.

  19. I really think that still there is something wrong with that Pixel

  20. Weird, I took a lot of rear camera portraits with my Pixel 2 XL and, except for a few exceptions, they came out nearly perfect. The issues showcased here are way off and I never experienced as crazy issues as seen here, AT ALL, even from greater distance / comparable distance as shown in those portraits.

    This is seriously weird. I don't know if your Pixel 2 is flawed, don't want to jump to conclusions, but I NEVER experienced issues like shown here.

    I really DO love the adjustable Bokeh / Blur on the S9 tho, lovely feature!

  21. Great video man! Btw, what's the name of that track playing throughout the video ?

  22. Pixel's uneven blur makes no sense to me, really. Poor edge detection is normal, but blurring the background unevenly?

  23. man i love the way you do your videos..they have something to them i can't really explain it…keep up the good work that you do

  24. iPhone X winns easy

  25. Something wrong with your PIXEL 2 XL.. send it back for a replacement

  26. Jesus Christ people. Just adjust exposure on the galaxy by touching the screen.
    And how horrible of them to aim for a natural image quality rather than over sharpening the hell out of it.

  27. You should add front facing portrait. The Pixel front facing camera does a better job on portrait than the back camera. I believe it's because of the distance when taking da pictures. If you use the back camera up close, you would get very nice shots.

  28. Your Pixel must be broken 😂

  29. dude the standard Google Camera Lens Blur feature can do a better job than the 2XL at shots like this wtheck? It seems like the 2XL portrait mode struggles with patterns like the bricks & construction. Lens Blur does too tho..

  30. someone just pointed out,,,,,, where's the low light picture comparisons…

  31. good job at showing variations of the phone cameras

  32. Samsung please make S9 take the Portrait shots with the primary lens not the Telephoto lens! That's why S9 plus and note 8 portraits are so soft and unusable at night. Also please allow users to use flash while shooting portraits!! You can use flash while shooting portraits in the moded google camera app.

  33. How come you forgot to test lower light portraits? ðŸ˜ą

  34. What the heck happened to the P2XL?? The blur was trash. Usually I never seen such inconsistencies with it.
    Love your cam comparisons 👍

  35. Drop the song in the description!

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