Pixel Nation – 2011 Gaming Review, 2012 Gaming Preview, Predictions, Thumb Wrestling


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25 Replies to “Pixel Nation – 2011 Gaming Review, 2012 Gaming Preview, Predictions, Thumb Wrestling”

  1. Why did this show stop? QQ

  2. For Battlefield 3 you mention the lack of Battlerecorder. Obviously there are already commands for video recording built in since BF3 advertisement has shown through their cinematic that it can be done. Lets also talk about the complete lack of Spectator Mode for Admins to police their servers which are currently being infested with hackers/cheaters on the PC. Once again there are camera commands in the game commands for this already but it's not implemented. Lastly where is our PC VOIP? Still.

  3. SOPA was mentioned in this video, i just wanted to say that im going to fucking hate SOPA, but you cant get mad at the game makers or the people apoving SOPA because they are only trying to secure what they deserve, they worked for that money, and low life pice of shit people are always steeling or copying games…now it the true gamers that have to suffer… I just hope they figguer out a way to give us an online pass when we buy a used game.

  4. @bertini18 If you call alot of ones that aren't the ones most people want, and a trailer, It being out, then yeah it is out

  5. wrong black ops still has no problem charging $50 or $60 still with no dlc

  6. 9:09 someone jizzed !!!

    skyrim and bf3 ftw 😀

  7. Bf3 and Skyrim and Dota 2.
    nuff said 😀

  8. @seniram91 Didn't play Dark Souls, but enjoyed Demons Souls – Jay

  9. @jmccurle08 Jersey Represent =)

  10. @M0t0rBreath89 I think that if you install Onlive on the iPad and add a coupe of wii-motes it can do the same thing. It's looks amazing but at 2-3 hour battery life i'd rather buy a laptop – Jay

  11. @shosho10199 Bring it on!! – Jay

  12. @thomascooleaston5you and your sexuality is not matters I was ask about Game !

  13. @@ year of more pc piracy is the right word for it 🙂 .PSVITA failing? Probably but:( .. It's a handheld gaming device sir and it is not a thing that you can take to a honeymoon in the beach and play skyrim like forever 🙂 if u wanna play while on the go get a laptop that can run everything and use that 🙂 -_- people say pc gaming is dead because pc offers only two things in gaming .graphics and RTS ..

  14. dust 514 and prey 2 are two games you should really watch out for GOTY sleeper candidates

  15. @skrulonair there is gonna be a sniper 2???? did not know about that cause the first one sucked balls

  16. What do you guys think of the Razer Fiona(Gaming Tablet)?

  17. why you don't mentioned Sniper 2 for 2012 pretty face 🙂

  18. I personally cant wait for Tribes Ascend

  19. @seniram91 you sir just started a fanboy war, THANKS A LOT

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