Oneplus 5T vs Redmi Note 5 Pro Camera Comparison


In this video we compared camera performance of oneplus 5T and Redmi Note 5 Pro.
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28 Replies to “Oneplus 5T vs Redmi Note 5 Pro Camera Comparison”

  1. oneplus 5t me i phone X navigation sirf open beta 3 pe kaam karega….? mere phn pe open beta 4 vi aya hain.. lekin baat ye hain oiginal oreo pe ye mode nahi ayega….?

  2. Hey, I love your channel. But please make videos in English or use subtitles in video.

  3. hey, should i upgrade from 4.7.6 to open beta 3 to get good battery life as you told once that you got best battery life in beta 3. And also in open beta 3 the Android version will be nougat only?

  4. Please do speed test and camera test between Honor view 10 vs Redmi Note 5 pro

  5. oreo 8.0 ,the shareit receive can`t connect without scan. is there another way to connect share it.

  6. Good work bro…Next Compare note 5 pro with view 10.

  7. in compair to proce 5pro works far better

  8. 35k mobile ki 14k mobile ki compare enti brother konchem ayina burra vundali.

  9. Bro try to compare redmi note5 pro with its budget smartphones like honor 8 n mia1 n motog5s plus.. the dual cam smartphones which is in the competition field.. of 15k..

  10. Much awaited comparison great job bro, redmi note5 pro clearly beats op5t in most of the cases except in few low light areas, colors look so sharp in redmi.. Why dnt u switch on hdr on redmi as op5t have auto hdr for low light shots..?

  11. Do a speed test between both of the devices.That might be good

  12. Is bar Xiaomi ni mehnat ki bs agar usb c type dena tha isbar

  13. Gud job …👍👍
    Xiomi ka miui interface skin heavy h compared to snappy stockish oxygen OS in oneplus 5T …daily use fluidity one plus 5T ki excellent ..Camera refinement z proportional to bucks u spend on flagships …overall package of one plus 5T z promising rather than Xiomi products ..👍

  14. Nice video bro…..
    Bro Honor v10 ki EIS ka kabtak wait karenge Honor wale denge yaa nehni..
    Mujhe to bahut interest hai ki me aapka ye honor v10 lelun.please bro aap 10 din ke andar agar EIS NEHNI aata hai to kya sale karenge…reply dijiyega bro….

  15. These photos seems to be downgraded from its original,or is it just me?

  16. Honar view 10 vs redmi note 5 pro camera compre kare sir

  17. Bhai mere….360p main kya photo quality dikhega humko?

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