OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus 3: Performance, camera, features and more


OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus 3 comparison review: Should I upgrade and which is best for me?

The new OnePlus 3T offers a few improvements over the OnePlus 3, including a faster Snapdragon 821 processor, a bigger battery and a bigger storage option. Here we do a OnePlus 3T speed test and run through the other differences compared with the original OnePlus 3, to see which is best and is it worth an upgrade.

Check out our full OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus 3 comparison on Recombu:…

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24 Replies to “OnePlus 3T vs OnePlus 3: Performance, camera, features and more”

  1. this phone is so slim to hold, looks very premium😊.😘.indeed the best phone of 2017 and I own one too.!!😎

  2. Hi there nice review ! I have a question if you have a lot of photos (+30gb) does the phone lags ?

  3. Is 3T fingerprint sensor faster than 3 or just animations turned off

  4. the oneplus 3 buyers who waited months for their device are now proper fucked hahahaha. Nice politics from Oneplus.While the other retards gave money and wait for months to get their device. Oneplus release a better and fixed device.
    How pathetic. A good reason not to buy from this sleazy company.

  5. can u give old one plus 3 to me 😔

  6. Do a battery drain comparison.

  7. can you please do something like samsung always on display?
    does it will look good and how will it affect the battery life?
    thank you.

  8. I miss Oxygen OS shelf 3.2.x… That was beautiful. The community builds have made some unnecessary UI changes…

  9. Hello 👋 great news and video! My question is: what difference does the extra battery translate into?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  10. Speed Test on M Y C H A N N E L !!!!
    Enjoy guys 🙂

  11. I have the OP3 and I love it. No need 4 an upgrade not until the oneplus 5 😂😂😂

  12. give us link for wallpapers used in 3T phone

  13. one plus 3 vs one plus 3 T battery test plz…..plz…

  14. wallpaper is soo soo bad,,, it's hard to judge the colour reproduction,,, set a colourful wallpaper or atleast please set the default wallpaper in upcoming videos.

  15. no camera shots ,no speed test only talking about the specs dislike.

  16. Hey Recombu

    Don't be a retard.

    You don't put "Speed test" in the video title if it doesn't even have one.

  17. does they add sapphire glass to the rear camera glass?

  18. Chris is there at chance of giving me a inkling of where to get the wallpaper from? Pulp fiction style. Loving that 👍

  19. Nice video. Could you please share with us the link from where we can download the wallpapers used in this video?

  20. 3T is also a 90s boyband.

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