OnePlus 3 Otterbox Case REVIEW


OnePlus 3 Otterbox Case

The Otterbox OnePlus 3 Case is a nice protective case lets take a closer look in my review.

Also checkout the Orzly OnePlus 3 Case

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29 Replies to “OnePlus 3 Otterbox Case REVIEW”

  1. Thank you for the great review! It helped me to make a good decision for my knew phone!
    But I will leave this here for everybody who wants to know: 5,7oz = ~162g, 7,3oz = ~207g

  2. Does anyone know if this case works with a tempered glass protector??

  3. i rather go with spigen anyday

  4. Where you get that protection glass?

  5. so i dropped the fuck outta my phone and it shattered, had to send it to them for repair. i want to get the otterbox but it looks really thin so i want to know if this $30 case is actually going to protect my phone again in the future? thanks!

  6. I got one and what no one fails to mention is that area up by the volume and switch is a large weakness … I can see it will take little pressure to pull it off and won't last. Otterbox failed on this one. Funny how no one even mentions it..

  7. the cross cuts look shit as does the Otterbox logo font used.

  8. Hey man can you please give me a link to the wallpaper you are using in this video? 🙂 TIA

  9. Seems like to me if the phone takes a decent fall that it may pop out of the case. Sucks that it doesn't say 1+ on it anywhere either. The slots in the case would collect a lot of dirt too…

  10. I just wish it didn't have those ugly stripes all over it. I love Otterbox and will probably be purchasing this but I wish there was a better variety with design. I'd prefer an option of a smooth design without the ugly stripes.

  11. this case is cheaper on the one plus website

  12. Lol I like how he looks at the installation card which clearly shows you you need to put the phone in the TPU part first THEN the hardshell, yet he installs it wrong anyway. Thanks for the video though.

  13. If you want this case, it's a lot cheaper to get it from OnePlus themselves as they sell it for just $24.95 instead of 39.95 like Otterbox lists on their own site.

  14. Does nfc work with the case?

  15. good video but that 3.5mm test was nonsense, since you used super thin jack .

  16. what screen protector are you using?

  17. does it work with the orzly screen protector?

  18. I have a question, when you buy the one plus 3 can you go a to a t-mobile store to activate it or connect it?

  19. How is the quality of the rubber case surrounding the phone body? Is it so soft rubber that mostly will be taken off the mobile while i am pulling it out of my jeans pocket?
    I have an otterbox defender case for my old blackberry bold 2 but the rubber quality was so awful. It got tear after 3 months.

  20. wow how to turn your slim oneplus3 into a house brick in one go

  21. Nice review can you make video of orzly bumper cases

  22. tq for the review, im getting this!!!

  23. surprise Otterbox Case made a case for this phone

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