Official iPhone 7 Lightning Earphones Leak?!!


In today’s video we’ll be taking a close up look at these WORKING iPhone 7 earphones that feature the lightning connector instead of the traditional 3.5mm Aux connection.

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37 Replies to “Official iPhone 7 Lightning Earphones Leak?!!”

  1. Why is there so much hate. What he showed us is true so haters, fuck off

  2. what if i have to charge my phone while listening to music??????????????????????

  3. i just thought of somthing awesome. if you have an iphone 6s or lower you can use the lightning earphones and regular earphones plugged in at the same time! so you and your buddy can listen to music or a video

  4. I'm okay with this but how can you charge the iphone while listening through your ear-buds? Please tell me apple will have wireless charging!!

  5. I was going to buy an IPhone 7. Ive been a Samsung user for years.
    The earphones just killed it. Looks like ill be sticking with Samsung.

  6. Lightning connector doesn't mean better sound a DAC has to live somewhere since the sound is ultimately analogue. So by that definition the ones in some cheap headphones will almost certainly be worse than the one built into a £700 Smartphone…

  7. retarded. you double click the middle to skip a song not the volume up. fake.

  8. How would you charge it and listen through earphones at the same time?

  9. im still waiting on a Lightning cord that i can plug up my ass to charge my phone

  10. FYI: Unless the headphones are doing digital to analog conversion, you are still getting an analog signal from he lightning port.

  11. So fake!!! Real OEM Apple headphones are so cheap same as the lightning cable, imagine this fake sh…t

  12. If its real i would say that apple just made the worst apple product ever

  13. Do you even know what your talking about? Complete nonsense

  14. The only thing that I notice every time a new iPhone comes out is the quality getting better and the phone getting bigger

  15. Lossless digital sound?
    What are you talking about? Sound is analog so whether the digital to analog conversion is done in the phone or on the cable doesn't change much.

  16. makes sense, as Apple have used their 30 pin and lightning connectors for years with audio interfaces due to the superior audio quality vs traditional headphone connection and it's limitations

  17. Apple would never make the cable separate after the button…

  18. Nice FAKE. 🙂

  19. You forgot to tell us if they sound better than the ear pods we use now!

  20. This is pure fake! Just look at the size of the lightning male connector on the earphones, it is so thick and way larger than that of the charging cable.

  21. I have an advice for people who complaining about charging their while listen to music.Don't flipping buy an iPhone.Buy an high end android or windows phones.Better battery a lot more storage plus a micro SD card.IPhone can't do that plus android and windows has better screen resolution.Apple is so behind with that.

  22. what about
    A- charging& listening to music at the same time
    B- my 250$ headphones
    you say charge your headphones throw the phone (this is iPhone it hardly make it throw half of the day 😂)
    at always +apple sucks

  23. Apple are pathetic for making this change, the only reason they are doing it is because of greed. There is NO benefit for the consumer by taking away the jack and moving to lightning, it only benefits apple because they can claim royalties from companies producing headphones using the lightning port. iTards who buy the iPhone 7 are dumb as fuck because they're just allowing Apple to continue their anti-consumer practices.

  24. Many reasons? Benefits? Bullshit!

    There won't be lossless digital sound since it had to be converted for the (obviously) analog speakers in the buds. The DAC is just not in the phone now but in the cable. And all other listed "benefits" aren't any better than what we have now. I can skip or pause tracks with the actual jack or change the volume. So what?! The "bit of an inconvenience" of not be able to plug in all my headphones or auxiliary cables into the 7 without an adapter is a real let down.

    From now on we have to pay for extra DACs in headphones. Big deal

  25. Couldn't that rectangular thing were the electronics are, be integrated in the volume up/down button?.

  26. Adapters, adapters,… very bad idea Apple, I really hate how many Apple adaptors I have to get.

  27. but it's apple. mediocre for too much money

  28. What if I need to charge my phone and am in public so I need to use my headphones to watch my stuff. That is the biggest issue with this.

  29. Don't like this earphone

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