New in iOS 8: Health App And HealthKit (App For iWatch?)


Apple’s new iOS 8 Health app (Healthbook) is an aggregator for HealthKit compatible apps in iOS 8. May work great with “iWatch”
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32 Replies to “New in iOS 8: Health App And HealthKit (App For iWatch?)”

  1. ohh great, something that makes you a hypochondriac and prevents you from actually going to a doctor. 

  2. I think we have the same last name

  3. Does it work for iPads?

  4. HOW can I connect myfitnesspal to the health app??

  5. It doesnt let you add in calories gained, only calories burned

  6. Android is over when the new iphone 6 comes out haha in da face bitches .l.

  7. I really don't necessarily believe the health app is set up to definitely state use for an iWatch/iTime specifically, but it doesn't disprove the iWatch to be announced either. The M7 processor can track a lot pretty accurately already. They even made it possible to track steps in the iOS 8 betas on the health app and it's pretty accurate compared to my Fitbit Flex device and app I already use and before using the Fitbit app to track via my iPhone M7 processor. Apple even said it's a benefit to 3rd party health companies eliminating the difficult for them to have to develop an application for it, making 3rd party devices instantly compatible out of the box with the Health app so the data goes right to the Health app instead of to 1 of 10 other health tracking apps that a lot of health focused people have including myself. So the company making blood glucose meter, heart rate monitor, Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, blood pressure, and so on can focus on the device and not the app anymore. Also I definitely do agree with the rumors stating that Apple changed the health app UI and design/logo right before WWDC. The UI and overall look of Health seems very rushed as if they thought the old UI and App picture was bad so they collaboratively decided to change it which may have been a bad idea, since I think people were starting to like that design especially compared to the UI and all we have now for it.

  8. Android made the first health but apple deserves to copy android for what they did to them and steve jobs

  9. Ugh! You have to keep this app on your phone? Why can't they just make this one optional to install.. they shouldn't force this type of app on us. 

  10. Why not breath since you're talking about health?

  11. This whole name + idea was stolen from an Australian startup.., soooo hmmm apple you have done it again!

  12. so the leaked photos were true lol

  13. Lol apple copied samsung heart thing and mAde it look sooo much better and less gimmicky it's not even funny. It feels more polish compared to Samsung heart monitor thing

  14. When iOS 8 release, Apple will know everything about the iOS users. 

  15. Apple will have a lot to announce at the new wwdc: Updated spec boost for iPod touch, new iPhone, new 5c (if they continue), iWatch, Laptop boosts, iMac boosts, and the iPod line.  Seems a lot for one or two events.  Hopefully all comes especially a retina display.

  16. Add to this a device full of specific sensors to collect data via Bluetooth, and send it via bit-coin to hospitals in which you're in for an exam, having Macs equipped with the desktop version of health-kit…and you'll understand why Eddy Cue said that the line of product line Apple is preparing is the best he ever seen in his 25 years of service in Apple. You can say the same thing about home-kit too

  17. iOS 8 is under the sea and iOS 7 is on the sky

  18. Are there any features that actually work without another device, e.g. data collected from iPhone its self?

  19. shame iOS 8 wont work on iPhone 4 🙁
    Isn't worth giving up my jailbreak however

  20. Will ios 8 come to iphone 4s?

  21. First a phone, then a pacemaker

  22. So Samsung has this and now Apple now what Android brings time travel you call it a gimick then Apple does and say its a new invention

  23. It looks weird seems not smart maybe S health is better

  24. Cool not worth giving my jailbreak up for cool, unless I get an iwatch!

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