My Experience switching from Android to the iPhone X


Long time Android user switching to the iPhone X. How did it go?
The iPhone X is the best phone made by Apple, but was it enough to make me switch from using Android to the iOS platform?
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21 Replies to “My Experience switching from Android to the iPhone X”

  1. Face ID works for me 100% when I wear my MauiJims Stingray sunglasses. I bought them for $229 2 years ago and they had the darkest lenses. I’m guessing it won’t work with crap like Oakley, Ray-bans etc. Just buy Maui Jim’s, no problem!

  2. I also switched from Android to iPhone X and I'm really enjoying it.

  3. what is the name of ur icon on the s8? looks good

  4. You have a notch too wow lol

  5. The day I said"Fuck freedom! Apple please hold my hand and tell me what to do! I love being dominated!!!! Oh yes!!! 😍😍😘"

  6. Tooooooo real review…all other are tending to apple or other…this is so real….subscribed…. iPhone X user

  7. are you for real ?????????? swiftkey ? IOS camera "go to settings"…. "left behind"…. yehhh, good luck with your "Tech" youtube channel.

  8. Apple is just an advertising organization that makes money off people through their phones and products. As anyone ever thought about the fact that you can't download any song on your iPhone without paying for it. It's a big scam and bs.. I will never advise anyone to buy a iPhone or any apple product because they just exploit us.. and I have never been happy since I bought the iPhone 6s .. iPhone is just for show offs

  9. Very nicely presented. And very honest too. Just to add something. On an iPhone device you cannot play videos continuously one after another by default like you do on say the MX player. This is not possible on the built in iPhone videos app. So if you’re washing dishes or working on your bike with your hands all messed up it’s quite frustrating to have to get another song playing on the iPhone after one song is over.

  10. Great review. I could tell that you actually used the phone and are reporting real life issues, not like most of the tech channels who use it for 2 weeks and focus just on the specs. You sir have earned yourself a sub.

  11. Is it just me or he really has a notch on his head.

  12. Thank you very much for that good comparison. I dont agree to you in one point: In my opinion the iphone 4/4s has been the best phone by apple ( of course at the time). Because everything just worked. I´ve been an apple user ever since but looking at the iOs development I want to switch to a google pixel, because it seems to be a lot more innovative for me and the simplicity of iOS was lost along the way of development

  13. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will always beat iPhone X everyday

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