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Xiaomi Smart Weight Scale 2 review | smart weighing scale | Mi Smart Weight Scale | Body Composition Scale | cheap weight scale | India |

In this video I bring in you the smart bluetooth powered Xiaomi mi Smart Weight Scale or as its called Body Composition Scale . This helps you check on your weight and also other things BMI, weight, muscle mass, basic metabolism, bone mass, water, visceral fat, body score, fat rate . This is a cheap budget weight scale. Mi Smart Weight scale is…

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  2. Shan sir I have a problem.i want a micro usb docking station and my phone has charging port on top side pls help sir to find something. For my device

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  7. how accurate is the body fat measurement ? is it comparable to body fat percentage calipher ?

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  21. great product .
    I have a question should I buy redmi note 5 pro or wait for moto g6plus??

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  25. Sir please make a video on nova 3 game. How to download it.

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