Lineage Os 7.1.1 Oneplus One Antutu Benchmark


Lineage Os 7.1.1 Antutu Benchmark Score Oneplus One

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13 Replies to “Lineage Os 7.1.1 Oneplus One Antutu Benchmark”

  1. my opo have cm13.1 sultan rom on 6.0.1..and i got 69197

  2. hello nash. i have been following your channel since very long as i got my oneplus one a quarter month back.
    After your video on sultan's rom, i was really amazed with the performance and battery life but now its seems bit old. Can you post on a video for the best rom in which you can post comparisons by battery life and performance. I thank you for your effort.

  3. I have my one plus one stock and it gets 62,000

  4. Why is this this is Pixel XL? and not Oneplus ONE in Antutu app?

  5. WiFi disconnects frequently on my one plus one after installing lineage os any fix for that

  6. please do a review of cm13 with radioactive kernal and also battery test on oneplus one

  7. i want a Custom rom for OPO, with no lags and bugs and long lasting battery, would you recommend lineage or cm 13.1 or any other rom ?

  8. bro can you show me how to install twrp on OnePlus one???
    thank you

  9. wifi is a mess right now =(

  10. which rom has the perfect battery

  11. Sir based upon daily performance do you find any difference between oneplus one and oneplus 3?

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