iPhone X: Your Questions Answered! [Hands-On]


The iPhone X is the most exciting Apple product in years, and it’s the reason I titled my iPhone 8 review “The Forgotten iPhone.” By now you’ve seen the iPhone X specs; you’ve gotten the iPhone X first impressions; and you’re gonna get a full iPhone X review very soon. But before I even *start* to make time for any of that window dressing, I’m hitting up what’s really important: your questions. Join me as I answer questions from my Twitter audience following my first four hours with…

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33 Replies to “iPhone X: Your Questions Answered! [Hands-On]”

  1. You’re wrong about not being able to swipe away your apps. You can still swipe away and close your apps. After you press and hold, instead of clicking the red x’s you can swipe.

  2. Apple will store some iCloud encryption keys in china,raising security concerns.

  3. How can I save a text to someone and send it later? I don't want it until the morning.???

  4. You know I just learned the screen to body ratio on it is worse than the S8 but all i really could tell was the notch but the s8 has two of those that are larger than I looked at it closer and I guess the side bessels look larger but I think they handled it way better than making 2 large bessels

  5. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the notch

  6. Moved to the One Plus plan… great audio but video not changed except for Sky News HD.

  7. These kind of videos don't get posted for android phones, I wonder why?

  8. I agree man, after the first day I don’t even notice the notch anymore . I left my note 8 and gear s3 classic for the iPhone X and Apple Watch series 3 Nike plus 42 mm space grey with LTE. I have never been happier.

  9. Please do an IPad Pro 12.9 2015 REDO video.. THanks

  10. Because of Face ID I won't buy it. It's a surveillannce tool to read permanently and continously in the facial expressions ! I always stick ducktape on the front camera, also on laptop cameras.

  11. When did this guy become a wannabe male model?

  12. The notch isn’t an issue you soon forget about it. Instead if dissing it how would you resolve it ..?

  13. You can still flick to close apps guys don’t worry. Got used to the gestures in like 15 min

  14. Does it shoot RAW ?

  15. if you pay 1,000 for a phone, does it let you type the letter i?

  16. I think the reason people like iphone is, and this is from an android fan because

    1. the software is not as glitchy, cleaner and much more optimized-speed
    2.The Apple ecosystem works very well(air pods, iPad, mac books etc)
    3. Its much more simple and predictable

    Now I know the new iPhones are not that innovative and way too expensive but for someone who always uses apple, I can understand why they like the iPhone.

  17. 5:21 , That is not true !!! When going inon the appswitcher you can also flick the apps away (upwards) like you always used to do

  18. Also, while the apps are ready to be closed in the app switcher by holding down on one of them you can swipe up to close them just like before.

  19. Just swipe up from the bottom and hook a quick right from any screen and you’ll get the app switcher… no need to hold your finger there. You’re welcome.

    Its pointless and useless and its ironic that it is one of the headlining feature of a phone?!

    I tend to remember people complaining about features of samsung S4 and S5 years back which they gimmicky but are actually useful. Seems like Apple did not get the memo 😂😂

  21. Are you going to retract what you said about the Note 8 being "twice as bright" as the iPhone X? It's blatantly wrong.

  22. Yeah I was also a little disappointed in the extra step it now takes to be able to swipe away apps

  23. Here in Brazil we have the most expensive iPhone in the world… it costs R$ 7.000 = $ 2.117,12

  24. Flicking apps back into their icon looks more fun than swiping them away imo

  25. I guess you could say the iPhone X is…

    "Top notch"

  26. I’m returning my iPhone X…just not worth it to me after playing with it for two days.

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