iPhone X vs Note 8 Long Term Speed Test (4 months later)


Here’s an iPhone X vs Note 8 long term speed test. It’s been four months since I did my first iPhone X vs Note 8 speed test and I’ve been using both phones as my daily driver for the past four months to determine if the phones slow down over time. The results may surprise you.

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Check out the original speed test here:

Long term iPhone X vs Note 8…

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28 Replies to “iPhone X vs Note 8 Long Term Speed Test (4 months later)”

  1. Everything I did to make this a fair test:

    -All the apps have been fully updated to their latest available versions.

    -I rebooted the devices multiple times after the updates were installed to make sure the updates completed.

    -I completely turned off bluetooth and GPS. This includes turning it off from the settings on the iPhone instead of the control center toggles.

    -I took out the Note 8's SD card to make sure it wasn't doing anything in the background. This also make sure no apps were loading from the SD card.

    -Neither device had a sim card in it to prevent it from trying to access the network to download messages, voicemail, etc.

    -Both devices were set to their max resolution.

    -All power saving features were turned off on both devices.

    -The latest firmware was installed on both device. Android 7.1.1 for the Note 8 and iOS 11.2.6 for the iPhone X.

    -Both phones were on the same Wi-Fi network.

    -Developer options were turned off so all animations ran at their default speeds. Yes, you can make the animations faster by enabling this option, but this is supposed to be a speed test for the average person. You could also root the Note 8 and install a custom ROM to make it even faster, but the vast majority of people don't even know what "root" means. Hence, why changing these types of settings were not included in this speed test.

    -I let the devices cool off after the benchmark so there wouldn't be skewed results due to the higher than normal temperatures induced by the benchmark.

  2. You didnt give a point to the Note 8 for the settings. You gave the 1st point to the iPhone for browser

  3. Note 8 is a beast!
    Unbelievable fast charging.

  4. please do it with iOS 11.3 Beta 5? or prolly the public release of 11.3 soon?

  5. I'm a heavy gamer so even though Note 8 loads most apps faster, iPhone X not only loads the games faster but if compared to N8 Exynos variant the frame rate is over 2 times higher on iPhone X…

    Also I think there should have been at least 2-3 games in the list.

  6. I know some benchmarks say otherwise, but the Note8 really has a faster processor than the iPhoneX, in both CPU and GPU. The only advantage Apple's processors have is higher cache.

    It really comes down to Apple's superior app development platform, because they have more control over their devices. Apps are much, MUCH easier to optimize (and develop) for iOS. The lowest common denominator (OS version) for iOS is also much higher; app developers on Android usually target Android 4.4 KitKat, while on iOS, they target iOS 10 or higher.

    iOS also has a native driver advantage for the graphics part, and has a better graphics rendering pipeline than Android, generally speaking. Games will ALWAYS be faster on iOS. This is akin to games running on a console VS a PC (running an older version of DirectX), in which for the same hardware speed, games tend to run better (and are more responsive) on a console because developers target one (and only one) GPU and platform, and optimize their games to the max for that platform.

    For video editing, iOS apps use OpenCL for rendering, while on Android they mostly use software rendering. The speed advantage on iOS comes from the fact that the GPU is being used for these renders, which isn't the case on Android.

    It really boils down to software optimization. Android apps target a plethora of CPUs and GPUs, and the most common of them are NOT flagship Exynos and Snapdragon chips. But even with this serious handicap, devices like the Note8 keep up with Apple's best, hence the faster processor on the Note8.

  7. Very good test.
    The single thing is that the animations aren't faster on iPhone, it just show a screenshot (how you said in last speed test), sometimes you need to wait few seconds until you can use the app after a time. The same thing for Note8, but it doesn't show a ss, it start the animation when the app si fully loaded, exactly how was in last speed test with asphalt 8, these loaded the game the same, but iPhone showed the ss when you touched the app.

  8. While I can appreciate the attempts to keep this as agnostic a test as possible, ultimately there's just way too many variables on 3rd party apps and more specifically the code behind those apps, some are just mere ports – some are optimized specifically for a platform – others are just cobbled together. Too many unknowns for these tests to really bear much meaning, especially in today's smartphone market – almost anything will be within the "realm of acceptance" these days, the only real impact would be RAM capacity as demonstrated by the note 8's sheer ram amount allows more apps to remain loaded, IMO.

  9. Thanks for the video. I just bought Note 8, upgraded from my Note 5.

  10. I loaded the official Oreo Samsung firmware on my Note 8. They slightly cut down the default animation times.

  11. This test is impossible to be a fair test. For one u have afavourite. That means one of them was used more than the other while the other one remain unused.

  12. meanwhile
    Sony :What is a notch ?
    Ans: Something that bezel less displays are bound to have
    Sony : Bezel less , r u kidding me

  13. Can you share note 8 wallpaper or point me to the link for it ?
    Thanks, great video btw !

  14. omg i had to laugh when u said i guess apple are trying to guess which apps to open next,come on bro it reloaded because it failed to keep in memory…. also those geek bench scores mean shit as the N8 won everything, you shd of done this once your N8 was running oreo and you will see it even faster than that shit iphone

  15. Does the Galaxy S9 run Oreo

  16. You can scroll down in the apps or do something similar to check the reload.

  17. Are you gonna do it again next month after getting oreo on Note 8

  18. Awesome video! On a side note, Note 8 doesn't have the Oreo update yet. 👍 Great video as always.

  19. I think there should be 2 games in the test.

  20. You can change the animation speed of the note 8 or almost every samsung phone

  21. Thanks again for the informative video

  22. First to come….Just like my wife always says.

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