iPhone X vs Note 8 – $1000 iPhone vs $1000 Android Comparison!


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49 Replies to “iPhone X vs Note 8 – $1000 iPhone vs $1000 Android Comparison!”

  1. The brighter the display,the more effort put by your eyes=🤓

  2. some photos in the iphone look brighter😓I'm confuse

  3. Omg iPhone x better in brightness,FAST CHARGE AS STANDARD on the note,do your research first.Oh iPhone x discontinued lol..

  4. Title should be Not so worthy $1000 Iphone vs $1000 piece of fucking shit

  5. Watching on my iPhone ten any1 else ?

  6. This dude smoking dick. Note 8 wayyyy better

  7. I call bullshit iPhone x is not nearly as bright as the note 8

  8. Note 8 for life. Who agrees?

  9. My days are from 6 till like midnight and by then my iPhone X has around 20 percent give or take a couple percentage points…. so I like it just fine.

  10. I use my iPhone X mostly for YouTube Instagram and texting and some games and by the end of the day I have around 30 or 20 percent but I do notice that low power mode for iPhone X is better becuase I went from iPhone 7 Plus to the x and the low power mode is better than the 7 plus but that’s really it

  11. Just get the S8, only old people use the S pen. Don't get mad, you see no one at school pulling out an S pen 😂😂😂

  12. I get about a day and half out of the Note 8 and I’m always on it

  13. Oh and compare the long press on note 8 with the 3d touch or force touch.. 3d touch is unnecessary

  14. Well that Is not accurate the note 8 has a proven brighter display and with android oreo the galaxy note 8 will be super fast as the pre released software for the the galaxy s8 Is already here

  15. whenever I see the iPhone X in a video, it makes my iPhone 6s feel ancient with the bezels

  16. anyone else hate the look of the dual cameras and touch id on the note 8?

  17. Everytime I hear a YouTuber plug D Brand, it makes me want to buy one less and less.

  18. Was not expecting to hear my beat on a iphone review definitely two thumbs up.on music choice and very descriptive

  19. Comment section is for when andriod fans can not accept it when their phone is talked negative about for some 10 seconds.

  20. 3:40 he edited the video so that the iPhone screen gets brighter

  21. I have a note 8 and I get to update my phone on my birthday day it's pretty cool but I love the note 8

  22. Note 8 is better phone and android is a better OS simply as that

  23. I have had Apple before . It's not for me . I use a Note 3 have done for nearly 4 years. Still going strong despite murdering it so many times. Still love it. I would go for the Note 8 has so much more to offer. I need the pen . So contest for me.

  24. Nice balanced review on both side
    If you can get Exynoss version, sure it much less lag and more battery life
    BTW you forget that Note 8 can do life focus before and after taking shoot

  25. YouTube used to drain the battery like a bitch. Now it’s been fixed recently.

  26. Note 8 looks like the future of smartphones.. iphone x looks like 2014.. lol

  27. The fingerprint sensor isn't bad on the note 8 people just want to complain about something… my hands are super tiny and I have no problems at all unlocking my phone. This is a pretty cool phone I must say

  28. "But the brighter screen goes to the iPhone 10… Suprisingly" 😂😂

  29. Is that the best you can do? Lol, if you and your Iphonex ran up against me with a Note 8, with regards to useful and functionality, you'd get embarrassed. However, if you want to look like a player while at the club, you'll shut me down

  30. You didn't give the note 8 a fair chance honestly you are an iPhone fanboy and that's fine but don't do a comparison video if you are not going to make sure your truthful

  31. I feel like the iPhone X does not have the battery life it should have heck I feel like my iPhone 7 Plus had better battery life when it was new

  32. How can you forget the notch is there it's like if you were watching tv and there was a notch on the side believe me you would notice it so all these people that say they don't are lying so for that reason I would pick the note 8

  33. Goddamn every time I hear him say "facial" I just giggle

  34. Samsung was wise enough not to give their latest OLED technology to Apple…

  35. Phone prices are getting out of control you’d have to be stupid to buy any phone at £1000 just get them on contract 👍🏻

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