iPhone X vs 6s Plus Camera Shootout


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I compare the iPhone X camera to the 2 year-old iPhone 6s Plus. I Test OIS and HDR in both video mode and still mode
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23 Replies to “iPhone X vs 6s Plus Camera Shootout”

  1. IPhone X cam sucks compared to 6s plus 💪💪💪 I already knew it would be better

  2. Mann u should add some background music

  3. The iPhone 6s Plus (128GB) is still my daily driver, and it is not showing any signs of slowing down or stopping any time soon. Honestly, the iPhone X does have much better camera quality, but I still wouldn't pay $1,000 for it. I'm good with my old 6s Plus for now. If I were going to spend that kind of money, I'd do like the man said and buy myself a DSLR. The iPhone 6s Plus is good enough for me for now. When the battery starts to die, I'll probably replace it and keep on steppin'. I'm gonna get as much usage as I can get from this $800 phone for as long as I can. I'm not even trying to keep up with the Joneses. I had my iPhone 5c for three years before I upgraded to the 6s Plus. lol

  4. I think the 6s Plus is better in everything I have the iPhone 6 s Plus

  5. Really nice review, very detailed comparison, thank you, much needed information!

  6. I’ve seen almost no difference between two cameras,
    The iPhone X had a betterment zoom & 4K on 60fps, however the tests indicated similar images and outdoors shooting.
    I don’t think that using terms such as iPhone X crushed iPhone 6s Plus is correct.

  7. does iphone xl plus has same image quality like iphone x in 2018 or batter then iphone x?

  8. someone else can 't see the diference 😮

  9. Its just almost the same this video is so cringy specially when you say "THE IPHONE X KILLED IT"

  10. Does iphone Xl Upgrade in camera or gives more clear image and vedio then iphone X ?

  11. 6s looks good on 4k less color

  12. Do you sell this rig? Am I able to mount the iPhone and Olympus LS-100 as well as the Sennheiser MK4 microphone on the rig?

  13. In the HDR test the 6S plus camera lenst wasn’t cleaned well , you can see the white light fading in the wall inside ! And the window edges look blurry!

  14. 6s plus are more realistic much better camera for me, ip7-x are all  scam

  15. The statement that was said the camera on the x is not with the entry price, get a dslr and do a better job is bull! Show me a dslr at $1000 that can shoot 4K@ 60fps? Show me a dslr that can shoot at 4K anything at that price point. There are cameras that cost eight times the price of an iPhone X and can’t do 1080p@ 240fps. Now I’m not saying the iPhone is hands down the best because it is still a small sensor on this phone but this device is coming very close to blurring that line between camera and dslr photo and video shooting. And the good thing is, the iPhone tech is advancing faster than dslr technology.

  16. for me 6s plus, very natural and realistic, X is saturated like Samsung s8

  17. Прикольно! 6S до сих пор может. cool, iphone 6s still awesome, i can see just few thing, where iphX much better, that's not costs so much money

  18. I don't see what you see. The outdoor HDR scenes are not superior on the iPhone X. You can see the X darkens the shadows compared to the 6S plus. That's not good HDR. The X makes your house look orange. Is your house that orange? The iPhone X camera does not look better, looks different. I'm keeping my 6S plus.

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