iPhone 8 Plus – 6 Months Later Experience!


iPhone 8 plus – 6 Months Later Experience! Hello all, in this video I share with you what it has been like to use the Apple iPhone 8 Plus over the past 6 months. The intentions of this video is to give you an user update of the device to further help you in your research as to whether or not this is the phone for you. Do you have an iPhone 8 Plus? Be sure to go ahead and share some of your experience with the community! Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions,…

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44 Replies to “iPhone 8 Plus – 6 Months Later Experience!”

  1. iPhone 8 Plus – 6 Months Later Experience! It is now 6 months since the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 Plus and in this video I share with you a users perspective of what it is like to use this phone over as long period of time! If your an iPhone 8 Plus user share your experience with the community and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. I like my recently purchased 8plus except it randomly freezes when editing a photo and goes back to home screen.

  3. I’ve had my 8 Plus for three months now. Very 😊

  4. Great video, I am getting this phone later in the week, coming from Samsung S7.

  5. Mine broke today 😭😭

  6. Watching this on my iphone 8plus .. i bought it last oct 😝🤗

  7. What's the screen on time in iPhone 8plus with full day of your usage and with-out usage

  8. Should i buy iphone 8 or 8 plus ? i think 8 plus is heavy and too big

  9. Best 8 plus video I can find…nailed it😍

  10. Ive got s8, last iPhone i had was 4. Now considering 8+, but cant find nothing which would made my mind. First world problem

  11. What’s the name of this app ? 2:35

  12. Does anyone else have a problem with the auto-lock times being off the time you set? Always shorter

  13. I buyed 8 days before….

    First time switch from android to iOS……awsum battery life… fast….camera is really good….

  14. should i buy s9 plus or iphone 8 plus

  15. I have the 7+ and wish it was an 8 plus

  16. i think i might just get one of these bad boys next. i love my pixlel 2l xll

  17. Why do you keep on making videos on old phones😑

  18. I just bought my iPhone 8+ today, I upgraded from a Galaxy grand prime to a LG Stylo 2. And im very happy i joined TEAM iPhone

  19. Should i go for iPhone 8 plus or Note 8…please help

  20. I got my IPhone 8 Plus two weeks ago and upgraded from a iPhone 6s and it was totally worth it. From the bigger screen, bigger battery, glass design, capacitive home button which feels so real after your use to it, and many more things. It’s just an all around great phone and upgrade for me. Got the space gray which is beautiful. Love it and recommend this phone too every and anyone.

  21. Monster phone. Love it. Too heavy for prolonged one handed use. No notch and finger print sensor are bonuses!

  22. 8 plus is a lovely phone. My first iOS device

  23. debating on wether i should get this 8 plus or the new s9+. Help me out

  24. Hey Nick,
    I’ve been enjoying your videos ever since I subscribed to your channel some time ago.
    Very useful reviews of the products you use.

    I would love to see you cover more on the Apple Watch too, as I could be getting one soon.

    All the best, and keep going strong! 🙂

  25. I want one ! 😭

  26. Just bought an IPhoneX and watching this on my IPhone 5S

  27. What is the name of the app from which u checked the battery health??

  28. I can't decide if I should buy the iPhone 8 plus 256gb right now or if I should wait for the next iphones that will come out

  29. Still better than the X

  30. Nice phone just looked like my 6 plus I got the X

  31. I’m getting this phone the iPhone 8 Plus soon

  32. Check out the s9 sterio speakers its better than iPhone 8plus and x.

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