iPhone 7: How to Fix Black Screen | Force Restart, Recovery Mode & DFU Mode!


If these steps do not work, you can try using dr.fone – iOS System Recovery with NO DATA LOSS: https://goo.gl/i8mfKc

Here is a tutorial on how to enter recovery & DFU mode on the iPhone 7 if your phone isn’t turning on.

This is a fix for a black screen, if your phone won’t turn on, or if you get stuck in the middle of restoring/updating your iPhone 7.

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27 Replies to “iPhone 7: How to Fix Black Screen | Force Restart, Recovery Mode & DFU Mode!”

  1. So my power button isn't working and I tjink i'm screwed…

  2. thanks soo much i need to back up my iphone already lol

  3. This just happened but my volume down button is completely broken, am I screwed?

  4. how long is your screen supposed to be black because mine wont go back to home and i think im gonna need to take it into at&t

  5. Thanks a lot for this video man, I️ was stressing out! GREAT GUY FOR DOING THIS, ROUND OF APPLAUSE

  6. my phone is not working after trying to update it or restore it. i dont really know what to do cause i just got it a week ago.

  7. I was freaking out because my phone screen went black i never knew you could force restart it with the volume I thought they took that out for all home buttons and I cried for a bit , thank god I found your video, Lifesaver

  8. fk man you have Jesus abilities. you are a saver

  9. Holy fucking shit!!!!! It worked! I’m about to cry! Thank you so much oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have done this…not wrkn….wt to do..phone is getn heat much….

  11. Holy crap!!! The first thing he said worked!! Thank you so much!!!

  12. My iPhone keeps restarting while it’s restoring. Can someone help.

  13. Thank you soooooooooooooooo much. I almost had a panic attack!

  14. Thank You!!!!

  15. So this's my story, was texting to this thick girl n downloading songs at the same time. Well my screen had a shade of purple than turned off, and of course I freaked out. For my first instinct, I try rebooting it thangoes on

  16. i have a iphone 6s plus and none of this is working it connects to my pc but wont let me get into the phone because i have a password on my phone.

  17. thank you so much!😭😭😭

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