iPhone 6 : iOS 11.0.1 vs iOS 10.3.3 Speed Test with iOS 11 Benchmark Results


It only took one week for Apple to release its first bug fix for iOS 11.
iOS 11.0.1 was released today to address bugs and hopefully
performance issues that has troubled iOS 11. This comparison
will be done against iOS 10.3.3, but scores from iOS 11 will be added to this test scores.

Good news. iPhone 7 videos will come very soon. One device has been secured and the second will come as soon as I can find it.

So how does iOS 11.0.1 perform versus iOS 10.3.3?

If you have not done so yet,…

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20 Replies to “iPhone 6 : iOS 11.0.1 vs iOS 10.3.3 Speed Test with iOS 11 Benchmark Results”

  1. I've got the iphone 6s 16Gb with iOS 10.3.3. I think I'll keep the current iOS.
    The battery percentage does seem to go from about 30% down to 10% really quick, but so far that 30% battery bug condition that existed some time ago where the phone turns off seemed to be fixed for me at iOS 10.2, I believe.

  2. iphone SE has really forgotten

  3. is there any other way to downgrade my iphone 6 ios 11.0.2 to 10.3.3? even now if its unsigned IPSWs. i cant downgrade it now using itunes error 3194..thanks for the reply..

  4. Does iOS 11.0.1 gives me more free space or not?

  5. ¿Me recomiendan actualizar mi iPhone 6 de la versión 10.3.3 a la versión iOS 1.0.1?

  6. I don't know what you guys think,but im happy with IOS 11.0.1 in my iPhone 6

  7. iOS 10.3.3 or iOS 11.0.1 are both terrible on a 6s for me just using Safari for example I Lose 1% per minute and phone even on Airplane Mode on I lose about 1% per 2 minutes slightly better but I end up powering my phone off which helps a lot which shows it's a software problem not hardware .
    To charge my phone up 100% takes 6 hours used to be 2 hours unless I power off and charge then it takes 2 hours..
    I even put a new original Apple battery in my phone and nothing as changed..
    their is no overheating on my phone I've had my phone diagnosed and nothing is wrong with it got clean bill of health so must be software..
    Should I downgrade to something like iOS 9 or iOS 10.1 that's my thinking ? Any advice

  8. Guys please help me 🙁 My Iphone 6 gets extremly low scores in Benchmarks and it's lagging all the time (Restoring phone doesn't help at all). On Geekbench my singlecore score is at 800 and Multicore score is also very low. On Antutu Benchmark I'm getting 47.000. And I don't have battery save mode enabled! But when I use an app to measure my Battery capacity it's at 55%! So my battery is extremly bad. Is that the problem? My CPU is throttling itself down to 0.6ghz instead of 1.4ghz! (Used an app ,,CPU Dasher'') Guys help me please!

  9. How does battery life on 11.0.1 compare to 10.3.3 on iphone 6?
    Can I get a rough analysis?

  10. does iphone 6 hang on havey usage

  11. Interesting. Apps open quicker in iOS10 but using the home button you get to the home page quicker in iOS11. So it's up to you to choose but I think most will prefer the former.

  12. Am I really on 60p? It seems like 30p or 24p

  13. Just update to Ios 11.0.1. So far great.

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