iPhone 5S : iOS 11.3 Beta 6 vs iOS 11.2.6 Speed Test Build 15E5216a


So only 4 days since Beta 5 and here we have Beta 6 already. We
are still waiting for the GM/Final release but Apple are stepping
up the release cycle. In this series of videos I have replaced the
6S I was using with another device, as the other one was
suspeciously slow. More on my observations on this on my
facebook page. But now lets run the test

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Tracks 1 : Pumping
Tracks 2 : Energy of…

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12 Replies to “iPhone 5S : iOS 11.3 Beta 6 vs iOS 11.2.6 Speed Test Build 15E5216a”

  1. My 5s 11.3 beta 6 16 Gb is very slowly, facebook loading 10 seconds, in this video was 4 seconds

  2. Пиздец айфону на iOS 11 в любом виде её

  3. I think we should find a job and buy a better model hihi.

  4. Please, iPhone 5s on 11.3 beta 6,.. 16, 32, or 64 Gb?

  5. В Apple забыли включить замедление при запуске 5s. В финале исправят)

  6. Why I have not got update 11.3?

  7. 3D Mark & Antutu have taken massive hits in iOS 11 !!

  8. What is the name od first music track?

  9. В любом случае плавность и скорость в 10 iOS. Всегда будет лучше

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